29 -Year-old Mother and 22-Year-Old-Daughter Look Same

Mothers and daughters are frequently inseparable. When the child sees her mother, their faces resemble each other, but they do not look same due to the large age gap. However, a mother and daughter pair recently stepped into the spotlight and are so similar in appearance and age that people on social media have been quite puzzled and startled.

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Savannah Chapin, 29, of America, astonished everyone when she claimed that she is just seven years older than her ‘daughter’ Tizzy. People were initially perplexed by the little age difference between mother and daughter, but when they met both of them, they were astounded since they appeared to be twin sisters.

Who is Tiji? 

Tiji, 22, is Savannah’s stepdaughter, yet despite this, she looks much like her. She said in a viral video that people frequently mistake her for their sisters while walking along the street. Savannah, on the other hand, is married to Tizzy’s father, salon entrepreneur Chris Chapin, 44.

How did Savannah and Chris meet?

Savannah obtained a job as a stylist at the salon, and they began dating soon after. Chris had just divorced. Savannah, who had been unmarried for a long time, was likewise looking for a life partner. Despite their 16-year age difference, their connection flourished, and they eventually married and had children of their own.

What did Savannah say about her stepdaughter initially?

Savannah stated in a YouTube video, “I disliked Tizzy at first.” I know I would have been irritated if I had been Tizzi’s age and my father had come home with a girl my age. However, this mother and daughter are now so close that they regard themselves as best friends. In a video, they both revealed that they are stepmother and daughter. Some have called Savannah’s relationship with Chris as ‘weird,’ claiming that Chris may have desired a ‘clone’ of his daughter, which is why he married Savannah. Savannah was also accused of being a ‘home breaker’ by others.

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