200 children ran the assembly as MLA-minister: Netbandi and nepotism issue resonated in recruitment, Lok Sabha speaker said – time of debate on laws incident is worrying

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  • 200 children reached the assembly while MLA minister, Speaker CP Joshi said – children’s opinion should also be taken in making government policies

Jaipurone day before

View of the House during the Children’s Session of the Legislative Assembly

For the first time in the history of the Legislative Assembly, a children’s session was held on Sunday, in which children from across the country ran the House for two hours. 200 children from the country and the state had reached the assembly in the role of MLAs and ministers. The children were given the role of Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition, Minister and MLA. The seating arrangement for the children in the house was also done accordingly. The children raised questions and issues related to the public. The issue of nepotism and nepotism was prominently raised in the examinations during Zero Hour, leading to uproar and walkout.

Child MLA Mahesh Patel said- Netbandi is done in competitive examinations. Netbandi is fine for security but netbandi is wrong to cover up your administrative inefficiencies. Netbandi causes a lot of trouble to the public. has an impact on the economy. Rajasthan is second only to Kashmir by netting 75 times. Demanded reply from the government on this issue. A child MLA said- Nepotism is also going on a lot along with copying. Walkout from the House for not allowing discussion.

Lok Sabha Speaker said – Governments will be made accountable only by questions

Addressing the inaugural session of the Children’s Session, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said that by raising questions, governments will be accountable and transparency will come in governance. This is possible only through legislatures and parliament. It is important to understand the parliamentary procedures along with the constitution. He said that if there is active participation of the public while making laws, then the laws will be made right and will be enforced. It is a matter of concern for us that the time for debate before making laws in Parliament and Vidhansabha is decreasing. Earlier there was a lot of discussion. That time is running out now. This is worrisome.

Speaker said – Government should also take the opinion of children in deciding government policies

Assembly Speaker CP Joshi said that we have to listen to the mind of the children and think about making policies accordingly. When I went abroad as the Union Minister of Panchayati Raj, there was a discussion on local self-governance, a student was sitting there. I thought that in our local self-governance, students are not selected, who will take up the problems of the students? At that time I imagined in my mind that we should also listen to the children while making policy to focus on the problems of the country afresh.

Children came from all over the country in the role of MLAs and ministers in the Vidhan Sabha.

Children came from all over the country in the role of MLAs and ministers in the Vidhan Sabha.

Joshi said that the children should be asked what kind of government they want. In our parliamentary democracy, decisions are taken after further discussion, yet there was JP movement, Anna movement and now farmers movement. Parliamentary democracy will be weakened if the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies do not fulfill the expectations of the people.

Children ran the house in good discipline from us – Kataria
Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria said that children have run the house in good discipline from us, we keep disturbing the proceedings of the house. There should be no problem in accepting the truth. The President has created history by organizing a children’s session by calling children from 15 states of the country. We try to live up to the expectations of the voters.

Children came prepared like ministers, answered the questions with full confidence
Like legislators, the children asked real questions related to the public which are asked during the question hour of the assembly. The children who became ministers answered the questions with full confidence. In the role of MLA, Lalita Babal asked the question related to child marriage in the state and asked for details of child marriage in three years and raised questions on non-prevention. On this, Dinesh Berad, who became the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, said in response that awareness is being spread in the society to stop child marriage. Instructions have been issued to the officers of the districts to take strict action to stop child marriage. On this, the Leader of Opposition raised the question that even after the awareness of the government, child marriages are taking place. To this the minister replied that this is happening due to lack of education.

Child MLA sitting on dharna in Well after uproar during Question Hour

Child MLA sitting on dharna in Well after uproar during Question Hour

Dissatisfied with the reply of the Home Minister, the children became a ruckus
During the Question Hour, children asked questions related to inflation and drug trafficking. Prateek Sharma, playing the role of Home Minister, replied that 5782 cases of drug smuggling were registered in the state. The administration has taken strict action in these cases. The increase in registered cases has nothing to do with the increase in smuggling. Special teams have been formed to identify drug mafia around crowded places, educational institutions and take effective legal action. Dissatisfied with the answer, the children, who were playing the role of MLAs, raised objections saying that the officers were giving wrong information. Answer is not correct.

Grandsons, granddaughters and grandsons of leaders in the assembly children’s session: Gehlot’s granddaughter was made MLA, minister Kalla’s grandson was made minister, Congress leader’s grandson was made MLA

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