Zamstar: Samsung has a smart guitar in mind – Times of India

For CES 2022, South Korean tech giant samsung has unveiled its C-Lab Incubator projects, split into C-Lab Inside and C-Lab Outside projects and is one of Inside’s unique projects zmstar, company custom guitar And App Combo aims to make it easier to collaborate with other musicians.
custom guitar is called zumstring And there’s an app to accompany it. How it works is that first you play a certain part of a piece of music on Zumstar and then use the app to sync it with other artists around the world. Plus, the ZanString’s fretboard lights up based on the input you give, which will help users keep their fingers up. LED lighting has been installed for ease of making music with the jamstring.
In addition to the Zamstar Guitar Project, the company also has three other projects at CES 2022 as part of the C-Lab Inside Program. These include Piloto, an AI solution designed to help children establish proper smartphone use habits, Proba, an AI-based online exam service “for administrators, test takers and supervisors” and Innovation, “A nursery mobile for early detection of infantile strabismus.”
And for C-Lab Outside, Samsung is promoting and supporting nine startups. The nine startups are “Petno”, an AI-based pet biometric identification solution, a 3D immersive audio solution for mobile devices called Digisonic, an interactive Metaverse music app called ‘Verses,’ for autonomous driving and smart There is a range of imaging radar technology solutions. The cities are called ‘BitsSensing’, an AI-based data collection and labeling platform called ‘SelectStar’, a modular serving robot called RGT Inc., access and productivity for visually impaired people called Moredream Inc. An input system for improving, a vehicle performance optimization. The platform is called
Yellowknife and Monit, a smart diaper care solution for elderly patients.”