Woman Cooks Fish In Scorching Heat Without Stove, Internet Calls It ‘Fake’ – News18

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Netizens are claiming the oil was fried earlier.

Netizens are claiming the oil was fried earlier.

In the video, the girl places a frying pan on a stone near some railway tracks.

The heatwave is taking a toll on the lives of people, as temperatures continue to soar. Amid this grim time, people are doing bizarre things to keep themselves entertained. A recent incident is creating quite a stir on the internet. In the viral clip, a woman is trying to fry fish in the heat of the sunlight. Despite the scorching heat, the woman frying fish outdoors has grabbed the attention of the people. In a recent video, a girl named Urmi caught attention with her statement. She said, “It’s so hot outside that you can cook without a stove, just with the sun’s heat’’. She even shows how to fry a fish in oil on a stone heated by the sun.

In the video, a girl places a frying pan on a stone near some railway tracks. The oil inside the pan is boiling hot and can fry fish without a fire. Urmi explains that the extreme heat has heated the oil. She adds the fish to the pan and starts frying it. Since she speaks Bengali, people assume she’s from Bengal. Still, it has not been confirmed if the video is real.

The video was shared on instagram. The clip is now making a huge noise on the internet. It has accumulated more than 1,00,000 likes. People are sceptical about the video. Many viewers think that maybe the oil was heated before the video started.

The caption of the post reads, “Urmi fried fish in the heat of the sun’’. So far, the video has garnered over 7.3 million views and is still counting more. Social media users have commented on the post. One user wrote, ‘“Fake. The oil would have been heated earlier’’. Another user added, ‘“If it was an egg I would have believed it because not much heat is required for the egg to get cooked’’.

Some time back, a similar video went viral on the internet. In the clip, a woman was seen cooking eggs on the road.

A woman dressed in a red gown, with a head covering, is captured in a scene by the side of a road. She squats down and begins cleaning a section of the road with water, then uses her head covering to wipe it dry.

She treats the road as if it were a frying pan, pouring and spreading a bit of oil with her hands. She cracks two eggs directly onto the asphalt and uses a flat ladle to cook them evenly.