Will the Covishield 2 dosage interval be shortened? Proposal Expert Committee: Report

The expert committee recommended reducing the gap between the two doses of Ecowishield. Now the interval between vaccination of the first and second dose is 74 days. The committee had advised the Center to reduce it.

According to PTI, a source in the Centre’s expert committee said that the difference between the two doses of Kovishield is being considered on the basis of evidence from different countries across the world. The Expert Committee has suggested to the Center that there is now a gap of 12 to 18 weeks between the two doses of Covishield. This should be reduced to 6 to 18 weeks. In other words, the interval of 74 days should be reduced to 56 days. It is learned that this proposal has been made only in the case of Kovishield. However, there is no change in the difference between the two vaccines in the case of Covacin.

According to administration officials, bridging the gap between the two doses of Covishield will make it possible for those who have not yet received the second dose of the vaccine, to receive the second dose sooner. While the infection of corona virus is increasing in China and South Korea, it will be possible for the citizens of the country to complete the second dose. Earlier on May 13 last year, following the advice of this expert committee, it was decided to increase the vaccination interval between two doses from 6-7 weeks to 12-18 weeks in Covishield.