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Sheep: In this week, you may be happy and blessed with positive planets. The harmony of domestic life is good and you will enjoy some good moments with your spouse. This will help you perform better on the business or work front. You can plan a new partnership in business. With the help of your friends or family, you can plan to start some innovation. You can also do your work wisely and can expect some promotion in terms of career growth. You can get success in the legal process. Disputes with siblings are likely to be resolved.
Taurus: Planets will be negative in this week, you were not conducive to success. It can slow down your confidence and affect your present day. You cannot concentrate on your work and you are advised not to take important decisions. You may experience some unknown concerns around you. You are advised to go to some spiritual place or do some prayer to get out of this mess. Try to avoid driving and traveling in haste. You can be a victim of gossip, so I advise you to keep an eye on your competitors and business rivals. Love birds are advised to avoid unnecessary arguments as the relationship breaks down. Couples are advised to avoid arrogance, which may affect family unity. You will not be able to reach a family function on time.
Gemini : This week you will be under the influence of positive planets, which will enable you to concentrate on work. You try to go deep into it to gain confidence. You feel calm and funny and you explore and analyze yourself. Self-analysis makes your life flawless. You are planning for higher education to beautify your career. There are some issues with sensitive returns, which can make you uncomfortable and you need to be careful before making a fresh investment in property. Your child’s health may bother you. There are moments when you control your little one’s sobriety. Love birds can take some important decisions regarding marriage with the help of relationships. Singles can find suitable match and enjoy their romantic moments. Students can excel academically.
cancer : Negative planets will trouble you this week. You will feel a kind of dissatisfaction in every field. Your patience will be tested many times and you will try to complete the task quickly. Your performance will decrease, which will affect your normal functioning. Your arrival may be delayed. You will face obstacles in your professional field. You will find your responsibilities burdened. You cannot fulfill your commitments. You are advised to take care of your elders. You have the opportunity to consult with your advisor before making the necessary calls. You are planning to move from one place to another.
Lion: You can get positive planets in this week. Your inner strength is good and it motivates you. Dispute regarding property with brothers is now resolved. Your focus on your work will be very good and it will bring you success in your business. With the help of your network, you will be able to arrange an appointment for some small work, which will give you benefits in the near future. Your subordinates can help you with important work-related decisions. You can expect good results from your efforts. Job seekers can get a good job after a long time. The couple may welcome a new baby in the family. You can use your knowledge to resolve conflicts in business and social life. Now you can pay for your past investments. Your investment in fixed assets may pay dividends. It may sound like you are attending a session to hone your skills. Love birds enjoy their happiest moments. Single people can hear the best news in terms of marriage. New sources of income seem to be opening up.
Virgo: You will be affected by positive planets in this week. You are polite to the people around you. Difficult problems can be solved by your way of speaking. Your communication skills can be used to solve many problems. There will be some control between saving and spending, which will increase your savings. You pay to buy some innovations to renovate your home. You are advised to manage your own way to maintain your domestic unity. Caution should be taken in problems of ear, throat and teeth. Lovebirds are likely to get some support for marriage from their friends or siblings. Students can listen well in case of admission. You show interest in work, you get opportunity to improve your performance, you focus, you are able to complete your work on time, which improves your self-esteem. With the help of hard work, you can earn profit in your job. With the help of your team members in the workplace, you take tough decisions, which increases teamwork. New investments may provide benefits in the near future. You are planning to renovate your home or office where your creativity will be tested.
Libra : This week you will be blessed by positive planets, which will give you strength and stamina. You will enjoy every moment of your life at work and at home. With the help of your inner consciousness, you will face some work related stress and you will be ready to control everything. You have the opportunity to plan new innovations in the family business which will benefit you in the near future. With the help of your network, you anticipate a large order in your core business which will increase the capital in the business. You are also expected to get some new responsibilities in your job so that the job seekers can get a suitable job. Improvement in relations with spouse is possible, you will have some quality moments with your spouse, which will increase unity in household life.
Scorpio: In this week, you will be calm and peaceful, you will be happy and at peace of mind, and you can expect good health. Paused projects start working automatically. You work effectively in your career and your team members can help you make some problematic choices in business. You are planning to start some new innovation with the help of your siblings and network. Students can do well. You are busy with family activities and you have decided to play some indoor games. The positive moon can help you find ways to propel you to success. There is some separation in your personal life on the last day of the week and you are advised to control your words and meaning. Avoid Partnership Disputes, You should settle disputes patiently in partnership with cooperation. The dispute with the brothers is getting resolved at the moment.
Sagittarius: In this week, positive planets will unveil blessings that will make you happy. Your losses will be converted into profits, which will help improve your cash flow. Your performance in business is at its best. With the help of your team members, you will find that you can implement some of the troublesome choices in business very easily. You can give your percentage in the workplace and your boss can support you. You will get a small reward based on promotion. You decide to implement new ideas in your work or business. You decide to invest additional capital in your business, which will give you cash profits in future. You are busy with work, so you will be late in bringing the family together. Couples can welcome newborn family members.
Capricorn : This week will keep you busy with work. With the blessings of elders, you can take some important decisions in the field, which will improve your work in the near future. Enjoy your work and you will be rewarded based on your hard work. Will be able to act sparingly on health-related issues related to parents. People around you can support you, which will boost your confidence. Excessive work of your mind can make you depressed and you will not be able to spend time with your family due to workload. You may be late for a family function. With a little effort, you can move towards success. With the help of communication skills, you will get a great order, which will increase your business in future. You may be tempted to make some return on your previous investments. Your sources of income are going to increase now, due to which your savings will increase and you may decide to buy your home or office. Job seekers get promotions. You may plan to donate some money to charity, any social organization or any religious place.
Aquarius : Positive planets will come upon you in this week, which will give you confidence and intelligence and you will be ready to take some difficult decisions in the workplace. With the help of self-respect, you will be prepared to deal with unnecessary things in a very practical way. Your knowledge will help you make the right call based on business knowledge. Your creativity will be used to renovate your home or office, which will improve your situation. You are advised not to indulge in fantasy in the workplace. The couple welcomes a new member of the family. You will be motivated by some of the inherited properties and are likely to sell the disrupted immovable properties to enhance your financial health. It is possible to get your bad money back, which will increase the availability of cash in the business. Your past investments will now be completed. There will be some progress in relations with loved ones. Students can find the right career path.
Pisces : This week you will be bored and weak internally, you are advised to maintain your straight talk, which will affect your family and career. You have to contact your customers for payment, otherwise your capital will be nil. You are also suggested to maintain your pride in the workplace, your pride can harm in business. You are advised to drive safely and not to take hasty decisions. Students can opt for intensive study for success. Students are advised not to cheat in their studies, otherwise you may end up in unnecessary situations. To maintain a good relationship, you have to maintain some distance from the boss. You are also advised to beware of secret enemies and opponents.
The author, Sameer Jain, is an astrologer from Jaipur, who specializes in astrology, numerology, palmistry and Vastu. He is also an expert in Jain Temple Vastu and Jain Astrology. Over the past several years, he has consulted with clients in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Australia, Turkey, France, Italy, South Africa and Germany.
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