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Marathi actress Rasika Sunil recently claimed in an interview that she is the best friend of Bollywood star Alia Bhatt. In a video, she can be seen answering RJ Dnyaneshwari’s questions in which she said that she is Alia’s best friend and it has been possible because of Ranbir Kapoor.

Rasika recently attended an award function and participated in a question and answer session of Radio Mirchi. The highlight of the fun program was that the answers must be wrong.

He was asked many questions and he answered with all wrong answers. When asked who is the Prime Minister of India, he replied Sarang Sathe. When asked who is Alia Bhatt’s best friend, she immediately replied, “I… who else, and the reason is Ranbir Kapoor because he has to be friends with me because of him.”

The video has been shared by RJ Dnyaneshwari on Instagram and has been viewed more than seven thousand times.

Rasika Sunil made her film debut with Poshter Girl in (2016) and made her television debut with Majhya Navrachi Bioko in (2016). Rashika married her boyfriend Aditya Bilgi in October last year. Aadiya is a software engineer and trained dancer from Los Angeles.

She recently uploaded a picture from her wedding day with her husband on social media. Wishing her husband a Happy Gudi Padwa, she wrote along with a picture, “First long distance Gudi Padwa Sagalyanna Nutan Varsya Khop Shubecha.”

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