WATCH | Internet Goes Crazy As Fans Trend ‘Ranveer Singh’

Unexpected partnership unveiled

Ranveer Singh surprised fans by featuring in an ad alongside adult star Johnny Sins on February 12. The duo collaborated to promote Ranveer’s sexual wellness brand, Bold Care.

Saas-Bahu parody

The ad took a distinctive approach, presenting a parody of the dramatic ‘saas-bahu’ television serials. Sins played a character grappling with sexual health issues, adding an unexpected twist to the promotional content.

Internet buzz

The unconventional collaboration quickly gained traction on the Internet, sparking a range of reactions. While some expressed disbelief at the unexpected pairing, others labeled it the ‘biggest crossover’ in recent times.

Spotlight on Bold Care

The promotional spot served as a platform for Ranveer Singh to showcase his sexual wellness brand, Bold Care. The ad aimed to raise awareness about men’s sexual health and offered tangible solutions for a positive impact.

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Ranveer’s mission

As the co-founder of Bold Care, Ranveer Singh emphasized his sincere intent to use his influence for a greater cause. The campaign was described as a mission deeply connected to him, aiming to bring about a positive change in addressing men’s sexual health issues.

Unusual comparisons

The unexpected collaboration between Ranveer and Johnny Sins led to intriguing comparisons, with some claiming it surpassed iconic superhero crossovers. The Internet buzzed with discussions on the magnitude of this unique partnership.

Creative minds behind the Ad

The ad’s script was penned by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team. Directed by Ayappa KM, known for successful campaigns like the Rahul Dravid x CRED ad, the creative minds behind this venture brought their expertise to the forefront.

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