Waheeda Rehman: Lata Mangeshkar had a weakness for chocolates, she used to gift me the cutest saris – Exclusive! – times of India

Waheeda Rehman today mourns the loss of Lata Mangeshkar, the Nightingale of India like billions of Indians. While talking to ETimes, Waheeda recalled many anecdotes and memorable stories from the time she spent with her. Lata Madam, They traveled to America and other foreign lands, participating in shows together. Recalling these memories, Waheeda revealed an unknown side of Lata Mangeshkar. A fun loving, cheerful and humble lady, who wanted to spread love and positivity all the time. Part:

‘Lata Mangeshkar loved chocolate’

Apart from films, my association with Lata Mangeshkar extended to the stage shows we did together. I had organized a stage show in Bombay with Lata ji and Kishore Kumar. Then, we had a series of shows in America where we toured New York, New Jersey, Chicago and other cities together. But, after the 1971 war I had to organize a show for Bangladesh and I approached Lata ji and she refused. She refused for 10 days, but then I came to know of a weakness which I decided to take advantage of. Lata ji was short of chocolates and I used to send her lots of chocolates every day. Eventually, she gave up and agreed to do the show, but she remarked, ‘Waheeda, you have understood my weakness and taken advantage of me. You are very smart.’ I was simply impressed by his warmth and his friendly nature.

‘She was the most honest and hardworking person’

Somebody asked Lata didi, You have sung thousands of songs, but which is the one you call your favourite. And he chose to live again today Tamanna Hai (guide). He is also my personal favorite. The situation depicted in the song is very beautiful and it has also been shot so beautifully. During the shows we did together in the US, I got a lot of opportunity to interact with Lata ji. My biggest conclusion from those conversations with Lata ji was that despite having so much popularity and such a big personality, she was so honest and serious about her singing. She never took her ability to sing lightly. She never said, ‘Okay, I am Lata Mangeshkar, will sing the song’. She used to sit at the back of the stage and do riyaaz until she perfected her tune before going on stage and singing. And she used to do this every time. The honesty and hard work he made made him Lata Mangeshkar.

Lata didi would always ask the director about the situation in which the song would be based. She also used to ask with which artist the song would be shot. She sang according to these parameters.

‘Lata Mangeshkar took me a bucket of water’

Another unforgettable incident has happened from Bangladesh. When we went to Dhaka, we were staying at the army residence. there was Sunil Dutt, Nargis, Mala Sinha and I. Lata ji and Madhumati were also there. There was no regular supply of water in our quarters, so we could not take a bath for a few days. But, Mala Sinha and Lata ji had separate rooms with running water for 24 hours. I hadn’t showered for 2 days and I couldn’t control it anymore. i went up Nargis ji And told her that I am going and will ask Lata ji and Mala ji and take bath in one of their rooms. Nargis Ji asked me, ‘Do you really want to do this? What if they say no?’ I reacted and replied, ‘What’s there to say no to? I am a woman, like her, what would be the reason for refusing?’ So I went to Lata ji’s room and politely asked her if I could take a bath in her bathroom. Lata ji immediately asked me to use my bathroom. I ran with my clothes and started taking bath. But, the water stopped in the middle of the bath. I was all soapy and in trouble. I called Lata ji for help. In the cutest gesture, she actually filled and carried buckets of water in the room. She was 10 years older than me, but it didn’t matter. Like a good person, he helped the other person. When I shared this incident with Nargis ji, she was stunned. She asked me how can I ask ‘Lata Mangeshkar’ to fill her bucket of water for her bath. And I told Nargis ji the same thing, it was the most humane act. While I was taking a bath, no army personnel could bring me a bucket of water. (laughs)

‘Lata ji was a great cook’

For many years after that, when I lived in Mumbai, I used to send biryani, kebabs and chocolates to Lata ji’s house. In return she used to send me such beautiful saris. Our exchange continued for many years. Lata ji was also an excellent cook. After the Bangladesh trip, he invited Sunil, Nargisji and me home for lunch. She created such a fabulous array of Maharashtrian food and then followed it up with exquisite saree gifts for all of us. She was a wonderful host.

I am sorry that I lost a friend and someone with whom I shared such a great rapport. But I am satisfied to know that Lata ji, her songs and voice will be remembered by millions for the next hundred years and more.