Video Of Woman’s ‘Obscene’ Dance In Delhi Metro Leaves Internet Angry – News18

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Delhi Metro has been in the news for bizarre reasons. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Delhi Metro has been in the news for bizarre reasons. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The video shows a woman twerking and performing belly dance moves inside the Delhi Metro.

Delhi Metro has become a hub of all sorts of bizarre activities carried out by commuters quite frequently nowadays. Many controversial videos filmed inside the Delhi Metro are circulating online. These videos, showcasing anything from impromptu dancing and singing to peculiar displays of affection and unconventional attire, often ignite heated discussions online, sparking debate.

Another recent example has once again grabbed the internet’s attention, eliciting strong reactions from social media users due to a woman’s behaviour inside the metro. A viral video depicts the woman engaging in twerking, belly dancing and other sensual dance moves in front of fellow passengers, prompting widespread criticism and discussion.

Shared on Instagram, one of the videos shows the woman kneeling on the metro floor and grooving inside the almost empty coach to the tunes of a Bhojpuri song.

In a separate video, the woman once again captures attention by starting a dance performance in front of fellow passengers. The footage shows her initiating the routine with some walk-based steps before moving on to grasp the poles within the coach to dance around them. Clad in Western attire, her unconventional actions left onlookers puzzled and unsure of how to react.

The video comes after a series of warnings DMRC has issued against such activities inside the metro trains. Social media users also reacted to the video, slamming the woman. A user wrote, “This is outrageous! Sitting on the Metro floor and all this nonsense?,” while another commented, “People have crossed the line in the Metro. Action should be taken against them.”

Calling the videos “obscene,” users also demanded action against such people. One wrote, “I think the directives of @OfficialDMRC is not working. Can we introduce a penalty of ₹ 10,000 per incident to person shown in video? This will stop this nonsense,” while another user wrote, “Is there no legal way to stop this? Commuters get so awkward with these things.”

This video came weeks after another clip showing a group of women singing and dancing went viral. The video featured a few women singing traditional songs inside the Delhi Metro, leaving others stunned and amused.