Video of Surat Residents Desperately Searching Streets For Diamond In Varachha Goes Viral | WATCH

Viral Video: A frenzy erupted in Gujarat’s Surat when a viral message claimed that diamonds worth crores of rupees, belonging to a local businessman, had accidentally fallen onto the road in the Varachha area, a small market known for diamond business.  A large crowd gathered on the road as the news spread, fervently scouring for these valuable gems. A video capturing the incident has been doing rounds on social media.

In the viral footage, a multitude of individuals congregating on the Varachha road can be seen searching for diamonds. The video clearly depicts the intensity of the search, with people meticulously sifting through the market road, even collecting dust in their quest to locate the expensive stones. Ahmedabad Mirror reported that, as soon as the news circulated in Surat about a bundle of diamonds accidentally being dropped in Varacha Bazaar, people swarmed to the area to begin their treasure hunt.

It has been reported that some individuals did manage to find diamonds during the search, but they later turned out to be American diamonds, which are artificial and often used in imitation jewellery or saree work. One person involved in the diamond hunt shared that they had discovered a diamond, only to realize it was a duplicate—an American diamond.

In hindsight, it appears that this entire incident may have been a prank or a false alarm, leading people to believe that valuable diamonds were strewn about the road. The incident took place on September 24, however, it came to light only when the videos surfaced on social media.