VIDEO of Muslim students’ uproar in Jalandhar: Ruckus in CT Institute after Hindu student posted a post in favor of BJP leader Nupur Sharma

Jalandhar2 minutes ago

Students creating ruckus in CT Institute.

The dispute between Hindu and Muslim students of Kashmir in Jalandhar’s big private educational institution CT Institute in Punjab does not seem to stop. Videos of Muslim students creating a ruckus here overnight, enraged by a post made on social media by a Hindu student from Jammu studying in the institute in favor of former BJP leader Nupur Sharma, are also slowly coming to the fore.

In these videos, Muslim students are seen openly gathering on the road and raising slogans. Muslim students are seen creating a ruckus outside a building. It is being said that Hindu students were gathered inside that building. Slogans are seen from both sides here.

The institute was also ransacked.

The institute was also ransacked.

In another video of the uproar, pieces of glass are seen scattered in the gallery inside the institute building. The glass of the skylight above the doors is broken. It is alleged that some students also misbehaved with the said Hindu girl. Due to this entire dispute, the situation here has remained tense for 2 days. Police force is deployed inside and outside the institute.

The controversy started around 9 pm on Friday night at the campus of CT Institute on the outskirts of Jalandhar city when a Hindu student from Jammu studying here posted a post on social media in favor of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. On coming to know about this post, Muslim students studying in the institute got furious and started a ruckus. All the Muslim students who created the ruckus are said to be from Jammu and Kashmir.

Muslim students apologize to the student

These Muslim students, living in hostels built inside the institute campus, gathered on the road at night and started shouting slogans. These people surrounded the area where the Hindu student was living. The dispute which started at 12 pm continued till 5 am. Sensing the urgency of the occasion, the Hindu students had to hide for their safety.

After several hours of uproar, Muslim students called the Hindu student in front of them and forcibly apologized to her and got the post deleted on social media. Not only this, the police and the institute management who reached the spot also blamed the said Hindu girl student in this entire dispute.

PRO’s claim – the matter was resolved in two hours

PRO of CT Institute Kanwarpreet Singh admitted that Muslim students from Kashmir created a ruckus inside the campus at night. Due to the ruckus of these students, the tension increased so much that the institute management had to call the police inside the campus. The ruckus students calmed down only after the student apologized and deleted the post. PRO Kanwarpreet Singh claimed that this entire dispute was resolved within two hours and after that the situation in the institute is normal.

Hindu and Muslim students divided into two groups

After this controversy, the students living in the hostels built inside the CT Institute campus are divided into two factions. In one of these factions there are Hindu students studying here while in the other faction all Muslim students are there. At present, the police is bringing the situation under control. Things may seem calm here, but the tension is clearly visible.

CT Institute in headlines for the second time

This is the second time that CT Institute has come in limelight. About 4 years ago, the Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir Police had arrested three terrorists belonging to Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind (AGH), a Kashmiri terrorist organization linked to Al Qaeda, from the hostel of the same institute. All three were running sleeper cells here for three years.

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