Vicky Kaushal: Irrfan Khan Was Considered To Play Sardar Udham Singh, No One Can Fill His Shoes

From biopics of freedom fighters and politicians or films on defense personnel and national causes, Bollywood The past few years have seen a boom in patriotic films. Vicky Kaushal, who made his debut in 2015, has played many roles that have a patriotic spirit. His role as Major Vihaan Shergill in Uri: The Surgical Strike earned him a lot of praise. The actor will be seen playing the role of revolutionary leader Sardar Udham Singh in his upcoming film Sardar Udham, which will release later this month. The actor is also doing a biopic on Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw.

When spoke to Kaushal about his fear of being typecast, the actor said, “For me, there are either good films or bad films. They either connect with the audience or not. I don’t think I have so many patriotic films or romantic films. This is not my process. When I hear a story and it connects to me, even though I’ve tried that genre a hundred times before, I’ll jump on it because it’s a story I’m connected to. When I am doing a film, I am thinking from the perspective of the audience. I am not afraid of being typecast because I also know that whatever characters I have done or what I am doing, they are all different.”

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Sardar Udham traces the story of Udham Singh, who shot Michael O’Dwyer in London to avenge the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The idea was to get into the revolutionary’s mind, says Kaushal, “This is not a biopic of a man. It is a biopic of his ideologies and freedom struggle. So this is a very big and deep biopic. There are some archival photographs that we used as references in terms of looks and style, but beyond that, the film was mainly about his state of mind at the time.”

But playing this character was not easy. “Many freedom fighters get lost in our history books because they are mentioned in just one line or one paragraph or maximum one page. Sardar Udham Singh was one of them. This is not a character that is widely documented in our history books. If you check the books, you will find different stories, identities and sayings of a man. Then how do you tap on the origin of that person? Long ago when I started discussing the film with Shoojitda, I understood that the only way to do that is to completely surrender to his vision and how we wanted to direct it.” Vicky said.

The actor has its roots in Hoshiarpur, Punjab which is close to Jallianwala Bagh. Kaushal says hearing stories of carnage from his elders helped him for the character. “I had heard stories of Sardar Udham Singh from my grandparents and parents, it was almost a part of folklore. So there was always this connection to the core that I could relate to. I could also connect with his anger because the Jallianwala Bagh massacre had killed so cruelly for everyone around the world. As a man who had sworn to avenge that bloodshed, not in India, but to actually cross the border and go into the heart of the British Empire and do what he did, it took for me resilience, bravery, patience and a very Emotional person. Through this film, I wanted to explore that passion.”

Earlier, Irrfan Khan was supposed to play the lead role, but he opted out of the project due to his ill health. Kaushal says he never took it as a pressure to replace the late actor, “No one can fill his shoes. Irfan sahab is one of the best actors in the world for me. It is an honor for me that I have been selected for the same film.”

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