V Celebrates First Birthday Without His Jin Hyung, Emotional BTS ARMYs Share Old Clips of TaeJin

Last Update: December 30, 2022, 10:27 AM IST

BTS ARMYs share old clip of Taehyung and Jin on ex's birthday

BTS ARMYs share old clip of Taehyung and Jin on ex’s birthday

BTS fans are emotional as Kim Taehyung celebrates his first birthday without Kim Seokjin. The latter have been included in South Korea’s compulsory military services.

BTS member Kim Taehyung aka V celebrates his 27th birthday today, and like always, the ARMY has planned a grand celebration for the birthday boy to make the day extra special. Social media has been flooded with birthday wishes for Taehyung and netizens have shared special edits and fan art to express their love for the Winter Bear singer. However, BTS fans are also a bit emotional as Taehyung is celebrating his first birthday without his Jin Hyung (big brother). BTS’s eldest member, Kim Seokjin, has enlisted in South Korea’s compulsory military services.

Fans are digging up old videos and photos of Taejin (Taehyung and Jin). Jin’s old birthday wishes for V also resurface. While sharing the old moments, the fans also assured V that his Jin Hyung will always be with him. A fan shared their old concert photos and wrote, “Happy birthday Taehyung from Jin Hyung. Happy Birthday V.” Another fan wrote, “I just realized it’s Taehyung’s first birthday without Jin Hyung as BTS 🙁

Another user wrote, “Happy birthday V oppa always be happy and god bless you always and I know you miss the uppa we also love Jinnu oppa and once again happy birthday”

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Meanwhile, Kim Taehyung’s global fans have gone to extreme lengths to celebrate the singer’s birthday. Decorated cafes, and from bus stops to the underground city metro, several projects have been launched to mark the special occasion. Such is the excitement that many cafes have even put out giant dolls of the singer for fans to click photos. Apart from this, ARMYs across the world have also planned charity drives, donations and listening parties for the singer.

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