US Tech Workers Accuse IT Company Of Replacing Them With Indian H1-B Visa Holders: Report

New Delhi: A group of American professionals have accused TCS claiming that they were abruptly terminated from their positions. The employees who were fired were replaced by workers from India in H1-B visas, as per reports by Wall Street Journal. Allegations of illegal discrimination based on race and age have been raised, with the American workers contending that TCS favored lower-paid Indian immigrants for their roles.

Minimum of 22 American workers have accused TCS of being engaged in unlawful discrimination based on race and age, as per complaints submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). These ex-employees from various ethnic backgrounds, ranging in age from their 40s to 60s, allege that TCS terminated their employment suddenly and replaced them with Indian immigrants on H-1B visas who were paid less. (Also Read: Elon Musk’s X Is Testing ‘Adult Content’ Communities Feature For Users)

As per the WSJ report, numerous dismissed employees possess advanced degrees like MBAs. American professionals claim that the Indian IT company may have violated the law by singling them out based on age and race. Moreover, they have also accused TCS of ‘preferential treatment’ favoring Indian workers in the US who hold coveted visas. (Also Read: Man Orders Rs 22,000 Phone, Gets Stones Instead; Flipkart Responded)

TCS dismissed the allegations as baseless, stating that it has never participated in illegal discrimination. “TCS has a strong record of being an equal opportunity employer in the US, acting with integrity in its operations,” a spokesperson for the company informed the WSJ.

What is H-1B visa program?

The H-1B visa program is a type of work visa for nonimmigrants which enables American employers to recruit foreign workers possessing specialized skills for employment within the United States for a designated duration. Typically, H-1B visa holders are employed for three to six years, and they may have the opportunity to extend their stay if they pursue permanent residency through the Green Card application process.

TCS is a leading recruiter in the US IT services industry, having recruited more than 21,000 individuals over the last three years. With a workforce of 45,000 employees throughout the US, the company assists clients in their journey towards transformation.