UP Chunav 2022: After the roadshow, PM Modi reached Pappu’s tea late at night, relieved tiredness with sips

After his roadshow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tea late at night at Pappu’s Adi at Assi Ghat. Sitting on a simple table-bench, the Prime Minister learned about the development of his Kashi from the enlightened people in about 15 minutes between the sips of three purva teas one by one.

The PM inquired about the Kashi Vishwanath Dham Corridor and the development in Kashi. During this, the Prime Minister asked eighty resident Sridhar Pandey alias Raju Guru that you had gone to see the corridor, how was it? Shridhar told the Prime Minister that Vishwanath Dham has become wonderful, supernatural. Kashi was already recognized, Vishwanath Dham is putting four moons in it.

The Prime Minister asked Pawan Sharma, standing there, who else come here to drink tea. Also took feedback about the corridor. The Prime Minister inquired about the family from Pappu’s son Ashok. PM Modi drank tea with six people inside the shop.

The people who were drinking tea were surprised to find the Prime Minister, who reached the shop around 7.49 pm, in their midst. Seeing the Prime Minister coming, everyone stood with folded hands. At the same time, as soon as the Prime Minister’s fleet stopped, the SPG made a rope security cordon outside the shop.

Har Har Mahadev started shouting in the midst of the crowd. Slogans of Modi-Modi, Yogi-Yogi were also raised. Asked Manoj sitting in the shop what is the situation. Manoj said with folded hands that you have blessings. Ganga of development is flowing in Kashi under your leadership. Smiling Modi sat down on the table and bench inside.

After drinking one Purva tea, while talking to the enlightened people, drank another Purva tea with a voice. Not only this, leaving the shop, the shopkeeper told Manoj that very good tea has been made, the Prime Minister drank after asking for another Purva tea. At the same time, blessed Manoj to make a lot of progress. Manoj’s brother Ashok poured tea from the kettle in the purva. During this, UP election in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan also inquired about the well being of the people while drinking tea.

PM Modi was seen in full Banarasi style today. Wearing a Khadi Sadri, Modi was also wearing a saffron cap. The discussion of Modi’s cap with Banarasi Gamcha, Khadi ki Sadri was the most talked about in this road show. Modi wore such a cap for the first time. Many political meanings are being taken out of it.

Pappu’s tea is quite famous in Assi region, many politicians have sipped here. Presently the third generation is running a tea shop. Pappu’s son Manoj, Ashok told that many leaders sipped tea during the time of grandfather and father, but Prime Minister Modi reached the shop for the first time to drink tea.

Gopal’s sweet paan mixed after tea

After drinking tea at Pappu’s shop, on seeing Gopal’s paan shop next to him, the Prime Minister stopped and proceeded to eat Banarasi paan. To go to Gopal about his business and asked him to feed him sweet paan. During this, the Prime Minister jokingly said that Gopalji Chuna Mat Lagaiga. Gopal fed him paan without lime. While leaving, the Prime Minister inquired about the well being of Gopal and his family.