Turkey-Syria earthquake UPDATES: Death toll surpasses 21,000, World Bank announces $1.78 billion for help

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Image Source : AP (File). Emergency workers and medical workers pull a woman out of the rubble of a collapsed building in Elbistan Kahramanmaras, southern Turkey.

Turkey-Syria earthquake live updates: The death toll from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has passed 21,000, CNN reported, citing officials. The total number of injured people in Syria and Turkey has reached 75,592. The death toll in Turkey has risen to at least 17,406. A total of 70,347 people have been injured due to the earthquake, CNN cited Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. Citing figures from the White Helmets and Syrian state media, CNN reported that the total death toll in Syria rose to at least 3,377, including 2,030 in rebel-held areas and 1,347 in government-controlled areas of Syria. The total number of wounded people in Syria has reached 5,245, with 2,295 in government-controlled areas and 2,950 in rebel-held areas. A three-month state of emergency came into effect on Thursday after lawmakers approved it to speed up rescue and aid efforts in Turkey’s quake-hit provinces. , Anadolu Agency reported. On Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared a three-month state of emergency to speed up search and rescue efforts in the quake-hit provinces, according to news reports.

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