Trinamool leaders and ministers try wildly to get rid of the blame of death in Dahi-Chindra Mela

In Panihati, Trinamool started the game of blaming the death of 4 people in a crowd at the Dahi Mela. From the Minister of State to the local Trinamool District President, everyone demanded to fix the system. However, the fans who came to the fair say that the police system was not visible before the death of the people.

Minister of State Jyotipriya Mallick said, ‘Today’s temperature is 42-44 degree Celsius. Death due to heatstroke. Terrible terrible situation. 2 lakh people are about to come, 10 lakh people have come there. 2 lakh people were ready. If 10 lakh people come, we have nothing to do. We can’t deny anyone. Ever since the feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu have fallen here’.

Meanwhile, District Trinamool President Perth Bhowmik said, “The fair was well organized. There was a lot of crowd. What should we do if someone dies of sunstroke?’

However, the fans who came to the fair say that earlier there was not much police arrangement in the fair. The fans were running on the narrow road. Local grassroots workers were controlling the crowd. But as soon as the news of the death spread under the pressure of the crowd, there was an influx of police in the entire area. Various avenues were closed. This adds to the problems of the fans.