Tremendously Alarming: US As Death Toll In Gaza Hits 30k

The White House issued a statement on Thursday expressing deep concern over the tragic incident in Gaza City, where dozens of Palestinians lost their lives during an aid convoy incident. Israel, in response, shared drone footage claiming it attempted to disperse the crowd, denying responsibility for the mass deaths.

International Criticism and Biden’s Response on X

Denial and Diplomacy

Despite international criticism of Israel’s Gaza offensive, the White House labeled the incident as “tremendously alarming.” President Joe Biden took to X to address the matter, stating he spoke with leaders of Qatar and Egypt about the Gaza conflict and efforts to secure the release of hostages.

Humanitarian Assistance

Biden emphasized the importance of addressing the dire humanitarian situation, discussing the loss of civilian lives and advocating for an expanded flow of humanitarian assistance into Gaza.

Hamas Allegations

Hamas blamed the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for the reported 104 deaths, asserting that most casualties resulted from Israeli fire. The IDF countered, releasing details of soldiers firing warning shots to disperse people looting an aid convoy in northern Gaza.

Arab Condemnation

The violence drew swift condemnation from Arab countries. President Biden engaged with leaders of Egypt and Qatar, not only discussing the incident but also exploring ways to secure the release of hostages and establish a ceasefire.

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International Reaction

The White House and the State Department expressed horror over the incident, demanding answers from Israel. White House spokesperson Olivia Dalton emphasized the need for a thorough investigation, underscoring the urgency of expanded humanitarian aid reaching Gaza.

US-Israel Communication

The IDF published drone footage showing the chaotic scene, acknowledging the firing on Gazans approaching soldiers. The US State Department sought answers from Israel, urging safe and secure aid distribution throughout Gaza.

Aid Deliveries and Investigations

The IDF, having coordinated several aid deliveries, acknowledged this incident was larger than usual. It pledged to find solutions to prevent such tragedies in the future, conducting thorough probes. The US spokesman highlighted the desperate situation in Gaza, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the risk of famine.