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Today’s Panchang, September 19, 2021: Check Tithi, Shubh Muhurta, Rahu Kaal and other details on Anant Chaturdashi

September 19, Sunday, is the Chaturdashi date of Shukla Paksha of Vikram Samvat. This day is very important for many Hindu believers as the Ganpati Visarjan will take place. The auspicious occasion of Anant Chaturdashi will also be celebrated on this day. Apart from bidding off the idol of the Lord on this day, Anant Chaturdashi also holds significance for the devotees of Lord Vishnu. All the information related to Muhurta, Tithi and other important events mentioned in the Hindu Vedic Calendar, known as Panchang, is mentioned here.

Sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonrise times:

Sunrise will be at 6:08 am and sunset is scheduled at 6:21 pm. Moonrise will occur at 5:45 pm, while the moon will set at 5:15 am on Monday, September 20.

Date, Nakshatra and Rashi details for 19th September:

Chaturdash Tithi will last till 5:28 am on 20th September, after which Purnima Tithi will start. On Sunday, Shatabhisha Nakshatra will run till 3:28 am, followed by Poorva Bhadrapada. The Sun will be in Virgo, while the Moon will be in Aquarius.

Shubh Muhurta of 19th September:

The Brahma Muhurta, considered to be the holiest time of the day, will start at 4:34 am and end at 5:21 am. Ravi Yoga will begin on 19th September at 6:08 am, and will end on Monday 20th September at 3:28 am. Other auspicious times of the day include Abhijeet Muhurta, Amrit Kalam and Vijay Muhurta, which will fall from 11:50 onwards. Morning to 12:39 am, 8:14 pm to 9:51 pm and 2:17 pm to 3:06 pm.

Auspicious Muhurta of 19th September:

Panchak will remain throughout the day while on 20th September between 6:08 am to 3:28 am, there will be Adal Yoga. According to the Panchang, the most inauspicious time of the day is Rahu Kalam, which will be between 4:50 on Sunday. evening and 6:21 pm. Yamganda will start at 12:15 pm and end at 1:46 pm, while Gulkai Kalam will start at 3:18 pm and end at 4:50 pm.

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