The groom does not read the newspaper without glasses, the bride refuses to marry. Kanpur News – Times of India

Kanpur: A Bride The couple called off their wedding minutes before leaving for the ‘pavilion’ after the groom failed to read the newspaper without glasses.
The bride’s objection was that the groom’s family did not inform his family about the boy’s loss of vision.
According to reports, Arjun Singh of Jamalipur village had arranged the marriage of his daughter Archana to Shivam, a resident of Maharajpur area of ​​the district.
The bride’s family had gifted the groom a motorcycle and some cash in advance.
When the baraatis reached the village for the wedding on June 20, they were warmly welcomed by the bride’s parents and other guests and served with breakfast.
Before the ‘Jayamaal’ ceremony, when the bride’s family noticed that the groom was constantly wearing a pair of glasses, they asked him to remove it and read a newspaper.
Surprisingly, the groom could not read the newspaper without glasses.
Knowing that the groom has poor eyesight and cannot read without glasses, the bride refuses to marry him and leaves the ‘mandap’ saying that she will not marry a man with poor eyesight.
The groom’s family and the local police tried to persuade her to go ahead and hold the ceremony, but she refused.
“We were shocked when the groom did not read the newspaper. They (the groom’s family) kept us in the dark about his poor eyesight,” said the bride’s father Arjun Singh and added, “It was a very awkward situation for all of us as well as a matter of prestige. The groom’s family has betrayed us.”
Later the father of the bride lodged a complaint with the local police.
“We have booked the groom under relevant sections of the IPC. The bride’s side has demanded that the dowry including cash and motorcycle be returned to the groom’s family. Investigation is on,” Inspector Kotwali Sanjay Pandey said.


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