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The Economist: Read The Economist’s Selected Stories With Just One Click

10 minutes ago

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1. There is no shortage of critics of cryptocurrencies. Yet the fever of crypto assets is taking over the world. Its value has exceeded Rs 184 lakh crore. Despite the hustle and bustle of critics and swindlers, a new system of decentralized financial services (DeFi-decentralized finance) is taking shape. The new system had over one crore users. What is the future of this currency Read the full article to know…

The system of transactions is changing in the world, the value of crypto assets is Rs 184 lakh crore

2. Carnivorous animals are the major sources of diseases transmitted from animals to humans. About half of animals that fall into this category carry one or more viruses, bacteria that can spread to humans. Diseases spread from animals to humans when the virus has had enough time to mutate. What is the science behind it Read the full article to know…

Infectious diseases spread from carnivorous animals to humans

3. According to the estimates of the Economist, the epidemic in America has caused 8 lakh 60 thousand deaths. Nevertheless, senior Republican leaders are opposing the order issued by President Biden on September 9 to get the vaccine. Some Republican lawmakers have warned they could introduce bills against the vaccine order. Why is the protest happening? Read the full article to know…

More than 8 lakh deaths due to corona in America, still there is opposition to the vaccine

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