Tesla’s Bulletproof Cybertruck Unleashed: The Electric Beast Hits Roads With Jaw-Dropping Features

Finally, after much anticipation, Tesla has delivered its Cybertruck to 10 individuals in North America, marking a significant step towards the future of electric vehicles (EVs). With a staggering power of 856 hp and a weight of three tons, this remarkable car has already amassed around 2 lakh bookings. Tesla is set to commence manufacturing EVs in India by 2026. The Cybertruck, characterized by its bulletproof four-wheeler design and radical prismatic bodywork, stands as a symbol of innovation.

The Tesla Cybertruck, measuring 5.87 meters in length, made its debut in 2021. Priced at Rs 8,335 in Indian currency for booking, its base model is available at Rs 66 lakh ex-showroom, while the top model is priced at Rs 83 lakh ex-showroom. This cutting-edge vehicle can accelerate to 100kmph in a mere 2.6 seconds and boasts a driving range of 547 km on a single charge. Equipped with a charging capacity of 1000kW, it comfortably accommodates five passengers with its unique glass roof feature.

Featuring designer stainless steel alloy and an impenetrable body, the Cybertruck’s strength is such that not even a 9 mm bullet can pierce it. The 35-inch large tire size enhances its aesthetic appeal, complementing its 17-inch ground clearance, enabling seamless navigation across rugged terrains, high altitudes, and challenging landscapes like mountains and snow. Boasting 4-wheel steering, a sleek digital display, and touchscreen features, Tesla is poised to enter the Indian market by 2024, with plans to initiate local EV manufacturing by 2026.

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