‘Swamiji is provoking Delhi from Haridwar’: Congress raises hate speech against minorities in Rajya Sabha

The opposition Congress on Wednesday raised cases of hate speech against minorities in the country, including controversial priest Yeti Narasimhananda’s call for Hindus to take up arms in the Rajya Sabha.

Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu did not allow the issue to be raised under Rule 267 and even ordered deletion of references to alleged calls by Pujari to the killing of a particular minority community.

Naidu demanded that Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge raise the issue through a notice under Rule 267, saying, “It will not go on record. No community’s name will go on record.” The issue is being raised.

Kharge said he has served notices under Rule 267 regarding incidents of hate speech against minorities in the country and alleged harassment of journalists of some online media outlets.

In an indirect reference to Narasimhananda’s speeches, he said, “Swamiji is giving provocative speeches from Haridwar to Delhi.” “On Sunday, a swami said that all … (the community’s name removed on Naidu’s orders) should be crushed.”

Naidu said, “We should not quote his words if he has said a meaningless word. Raising again in the House and then discussing who said what. This is not going to solve the problem. I have not allowed it.” “

“No one should indulge in hate speech against any community, minority or majority. Communities should not be taken for granted, no one should make speeches against anyone.” The controversial head priest of the Dasna Devi temple, Yeti Narasimhananda, courted yet another controversy with his remarks on Sunday, calling upon Hindus to take up arms to “fight for their existence”.

Earlier, Naidu said that he has not allowed notices to both Kharge and Sushmita Dev, Congress and Luizinho, Joaquim Faleiro and Mohd. Nadimul Haque, both TMC, on issues of rising prices and instances of hate speech under Rule 267.

“They don’t come under the purview of 267,” he said, “even if you give notice every day, if it’s not worth taking under that rule, I wouldn’t do it.” ” ,


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