Stray dogs pose a threat to walkers and joggers in Hubli. Hubli News – Times of India

Hubballi: During the hearing last week on a petition filed by Cubbon Park Walkers Association, Bengaluru, High Court directed Greater Bangalore Municipal Corporation (BBMP) to develop Action Plan for Control of Street Dogs Within Cubbon Park.
The court said that it intended to take suo motu cognizance of the situation and that the pet dogs brought into the park by their owners should be banned as the dogs roaming inside the park disturb the morning walkers.
The situation is no different in the Twin Cities, where joggers and walkers in most parks and gardens face similar issues by stray dogs and cattle. Despite several requests from walkers and even civic activists to make parks dog-free, the menace of dogs and stray cattle continues to affect pedestrians.
Pet owners who bring their pets don’t even chain them properly. Most parks lack security personnel to restrict the entry of dogs and stray animals. When dogs defecate in public places, there is no one to clean them. Citizen activists and walkers are urging the HDMC to check parks for stray dogs and cattle and to depute adequate security personnel to address the issue.
According to Dr Ravi Saligoudar of HDMC Veterinary Department, shifting of stray dogs is not permitted by law, but sterilization of stray dogs is allowed to reduce the menace of stray dogs. Stray dogs are more common in parks where fences have not been installed properly. Such parks can be found mainly in Old Hubli, Mantoor Road and other areas.
He said that an effective sterilization program has already been implemented in Hubli-Dharwad to reduce the menace of stray dogs.
HDMC commissioner Suresh Itnal said the civic body takes regular measures to deal with the problem of stray dogs and cattle. However, now the officials will be asked to conduct a special drive to rid the parks of stray dogs. He said that during the recent drive to catch stray dogs, many dogs were caught.
DT Patil, treasurer of Mahatma Gandhi Park Vayuvihar Sangh, said HDMC officials should put up fencing in all parks to reduce the menace of dogs. He said that many people were injured in the dog attack.