SSC Transfer: Kolkata High Court orders new transfer of single teacher, relief!

The Calcutta High Court gave a big direction in the matter of transfer of single teachers. The Calcutta High Court has given this direction in the case of a teacher of South Dinajpur district. She is the only history teacher in that school. Because of him, the matter of his transfer was pending for a long time. The transfer was long overdue. This time Justice Rajasekhar Mantha has given a big order regarding his transfer.

The judge directed that the District School Inspector, in coordination with the Central School Service Commission, would ensure to bring a new teacher in place of the applicant teacher. In other words, this time the issue of transfer of the applicant teacher has been confirmed.

According to court sources, the teacher will be brought to Hazratpur Junior High School from another school in the district. The School Service Commission and the District School Inspector will investigate the whole matter. Shipra Mandal’s counsel said that the instruction would benefit single teachers seeking transfer.

Experts say that the matter of transfer of teachers is still pending in many schools. In such a situation, the order of the High Court will give him special relief.