Social media marketing is now more about numbers, reveals Kolkata Buzz


People of all ages and demographics are now on social media, a space that was figuratively non-existent a decade ago. From young children to seasoned professionals, celebrities to their fans and artists to companies, people of all ages and demographics are now on social media. Currently, more than 624 million Indians, or more than 45 percent of the country’s population, use social media. And it’s only getting bigger!

As a result of the tremendous potential of such social media platforms, corporations and marketers have made significant inroads into media spending. According to Dentsu, social media currently accounts for the largest share (29 percent) of total digital spend (Rs 4,596 crore).

As a result, these social media platforms are constantly evolving with ads, artists and users to come. We’ve seen the rise of a number of new platforms including MX Takatak and Spark, as well as redesigned features on giants like the reels. In the last 12-18 months Instagram, YouTube Shorts and Super Thanks on YouTube and a whole lot going on on Facebook.

Instagram last year gave its users the option to hide the number of likes on their posts to improve the user experience, while YouTube just a few days ago announced plans to remove the dislike button from its videos.

Anubhav Kolkata

Look at this, an example is that of Anubhav Mukherjee, who started uploading pictures on his social media by creating a page called Kolkata Buzz to give a glimpse of the mesmerizing beauty of the city. Soon, people started liking the content and gained followers real quick. During Durga Puja 2017, the page went viral on Facebook and Instagram in parallel. Maintaining the page’s consistency, it earned over 100,000 followers within a year.