Slaps! Hair-pulling! Scuffle Broke Out Between Chhattisgarh Girls

A video is circulating on the social media platform – Instagram showing that group of girls are engaged in a street fight during late night in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. An altercation broke out between two groups of girls but th e reason behind it is still unknown.

The video showcases that the argument escalated so much that it came to the scuffle between the group of girls. The girls can bee seen throwing punches, kicking, and pulling hairs. The fight was so intense that the bunch of plucked hairs were seen in the road.

It is also seen that not even a single person present at the spot came to intervene and stop the fight. People were seen making videos and spectating the incident.

As soon as the video was posted on Instagram, it went viral and garnered 469 likes and users of the platform were disgusted after watching the shocking video.

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While commenting on the post, Ritudhiwar08 wrote that they should even think about their parents before fighting like this.

Another user Piyushpandey.india, trolled the fight and wrote are girls of our country any less than the boys? Long live lionesses.

Meanwhile, another video went viral of Bengaluru went viral on April 6 showing that a man engaged in a brawl with three others. It is being said that an argument broke out over throwing garbage in front of this man’s home in Bengaluru.

In the video, the shirtless man goes rouge and starts beating people. While several people trying to stop the fight, the man again bumps into them to vent out his anger on them.

Posting the video on X, a user namely Ghar Ke Kalesh, wrote that the man in Bengaluru gone rouge over the throwing garbage in front of his house.

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