Shekhar Suman Tears Up As He Recalls Older Son Aayush’s Death: ‘I Was Lifeless, Didn’t Have The Will To Live’ – News18

Shekhar Suman recalls crying after Aayush's passing.

Shekhar Suman recalls crying after Aayush’s passing.

Heeramandi’s Shekhar Suman said that losing his son was like losing a part of his heart.

Shekhar Suman and his son Adhyayan Suman are gearing up for the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. In a recent chat, Shekhar recalled how Sanjay’s appreciation of Adhyayan brought him to tears. Shekhar said that this was the second time that he cried in his life, the first being when he lost his son Aayush. Shekhar then recalled his grief over his son’s loss.

Talking to Siddharth Kannan, Shekhar said, “Jab I lost my son, Aayush. Das saal ki umar main maine jab usse kho diya tha toh main zindagi se poori tarah tabah aur barbaad ho gaya tha. Mujhe jeena hi nahi tha. I lost a part of my heart who was dearest to me. Aur main zameen par sar patak ke roya tha. Phir uske baad mujhe jeene ki iccha bhi nahi thi (I lost Aayush when he was 10 years old and I was devastated. I cried while beating my head to the ground).”

Shekhar got teary-eyed and said that he lost interest in chasing success and money after he lost his son. He said, “Main bejaan ho gaya tha. Ek dikhaave ki duniya this jahan main hass muskura deta tha ya for economic necessity kyuki mujhe ghar chalana tha. Par mujhe jeene ki iccha nahi thi (I was lifeless. I was pretending to laugh or had to work to run my household, but I did not have the will to live).”

Shekhar said that while that was the time he cried out of sadness, he shed happy tears when Sanjay Leela Bhansali called him to praise Adhyayan’s acting prowess. In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming series, Shekhar Suman brings Zulfiqar Ahmed to life, a character of authority whose very demeanour exudes power and sophistication. Adhyayan Suman embodies Zorawar Ali Khan, a wealthy and arrogant nawab whose actions are guided solely by self-interest.

The historical drama series will transport audiences to a time when courtesans reigned as monarchs. Through the stories of courtesans and their clients, set against the turbulent backdrop of the Indian Independence struggle in the 1940s, the series investigates the cultural reality of the namesake area of HeeraMandi.

Heeramandi is set for a release on May 1 on Netflix.

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