Shawn Johnson’s 2-Year-Old Son Jett Goes to Emergency Room

After a girls night, Shawn Johnson ended her evening in the emergency room with her 2-year-old son Jett.

“Well… Not the night we had envisioned ha but we are doing good. Going to have a good little scar from our stitches tonight. Got our eyebrow good,” Johnson, 32, wrote via her Instagram Story on Saturday, April 13. “Thank you @vumcchildren for taking such great care of our dude.”

Alongside the caption, Johnson shared a clip sitting inside a hospital room with Jett laying against her. “How [are] you doing Jett Jett?” she asked, as the little one turned his head to reply, “Good.”

Johnson, who welcomed Jett in July 2021 with husband Andrew East, took to her Instagram Story the next day to explain that the incident occurred after the twosome put their kids to bed. (The couple also share daughter Drew, 4, and son Bear, 4 months.)

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“Drew went down and I heard Jett crying, like unusually, and I went straight into his room,” Johnson explained on Sunday, April 14. “And literally when I opened the door I could just see the blood on his face. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.’ I was like, ‘Andrew! Andrew!’ I picked Jett up and I was like, ‘You’re OK buddy, you’re OK, you’re OK.’ But I knew immediately, I was like, ‘We’re going to the ER.’”

Johnson later watched the accident occur via video camera footage and discovered Jett got out of his bed in the dark. “When he turned around to get back in his bed, he went and put his hands down, missed the bed, and hit himself in the face,” she said, noting that the bed has a metal bed frame.

Shawn Johnson’s Son Jett Goes to Emergency Room After Hitting Eyebrow: ‘Good Little Scar’
Courtesy of Shawn Johnson/Instagram

Johnson noted that Jett “hit it just perfectly” underneath his eyebrow. Once they got to the hospital, Johnson said that the emergency room got Jett in “right away.”

“He was a trooper,” she recalled, noting that they gave him “a little bit of loopy medicine” to drink. “We just kind of held him down. It sounds worse than it was. He was doing really well. He was saying he was getting stitched up like Woody.”

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While noting she doesn’t know “how you count” stitches, she said Jett had “four individual stitches on the inside, and then on the outside, she sewed back through probably like six times.” She added, “So he has quite a few little stitches in there.”

Johnson then panned the camera to show Jett, who was sitting next to her on the sofa and showed off his “boo boo.” She concluded, “Pretty good.”