Shah Rukh Khan REACTS To KKR Losing To RR, Tells Players ‘We Didn’t Deserve To Lose…’ | Watch – News18

Shah Rukh Khan talks to KKR players after they lost a match to RR.

Shah Rukh Khan talks to KKR players after they lost a match to RR.

Shah Rukh Khan brought back Chak De! India vibes yet again as he cheered on KKR players after they lost a match to RR.

Shah Rukh Khan doubled up as Kolkata Knight Riders’ cheerleader after the team to Rajasthan Royals. KKR faced RR in on Tuesday night at the ongoing IPL 2024 series and lost the match by two wickets. Addressing KKR members and the team’s coach, Gautam Gambhir, Shah Rukh said that while the team did not deserve to lose, this seems to be a part of God’s plans. He added that players should not feel bad and prepare for the next game.

In a video shared by KKR’s official handle, Shah Rukh stood in the dressing room and told players, “There are days in our lives, in sports especially, when we don’t deserve to lose. And there are days also when we don’t deserve to win. But days are like that, which turns things around. I think today we didn’t deserve to lose. All of us played extremely well. We have to be very, very proud of ourselves. Please don’t feel sad or down. Feel as happy as we feel whenever we come to the changing room and we are on a high so maintain the high.”

“The main thing is the energy in all of us. I think we have great energy on the field, we have lovely energy here and personally also, everybody is bonding together. So please continue so. All the best. Honestly, it is a very proud day, the way we all played. I think all of us, I won’t even take individual names, that’s been taken. GG (Gautam Gambhir), don’t feel down. We would all be bouncing back. It’s God’s plan for today,” SRK added.

“As Rinku says, I think this is what we would like then. We’ll be back with more and better god’s plans. Thank you everyone, God bless you all,” he concluded his speech. Watch the video below:

He was also seen walking across the field after the match got over to cheer players up.

Shah Rukh is the co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders. He often attends the matches and shows his support to his team.