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Paris: Sayonara Tokyo, Hello Paris.
delayed 2020. Thousands flocked to the shadows of the Eiffel Tower on Sunday to watch the closing ceremony of olympics And celebrate the status of the French capital as host of the 2024 showpiece.
The contrast was dramatic after the Tokyo Games were played in mostly empty stadiums and under strict COVID-19 protocols.
French judo star Teddy Riner, who competes in Japan, said, “On an emotional level, it made me think about the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, when a whole stadium is with you and cheering you on, it’s very It is heart touching.”
Athletes taking part in the Tokyo Games were cheered by the crowd as ideas turned to 2024.
“I missed most of the Olympics because I worked at night, so it’s good to re-watch the best moments,” said 22-year-old Alix, who replayed highlights from the past two weeks on a giant TV screen.
“The public is glad to see, we just went through an Olympics that was a little different,” admitted gymnast Samir Ait, who waved the French flag at the opening ceremony on 23 July.
“It lifts my spirit tenfold, I’m injured and I already want to go and train!”
Florent Manoudou, a silver medalist in the 50m freestyle, predicted that the 2024 Games would be an iconic moment for the country.
“We think the fans are celebrating and they are slowly preparing to experience the Games here in three years.”
Decathlon silver medalist Kevin Meyer said he was delighted to see “all these little kids with stars in their eyes”.
“It reminds me of myself when I was little.”
The head of the 2024 organizing committee, Tony Estanguet, said the Games are on schedule.
“At the moment, all indicators are green,” he said.
The only low point for Parisians was the decision not to fly a huge French flag on the Eiffel Tower due to high winds.
“It would have been majestic,” said Gail, a visiting student.


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