Samsung’s Future Galaxy Smartwatches Could Have A Built-In Projector: All Details

Last Update: February 17, 2023, 08:00 IST

The Samsung Watch looks cool with a built-in projector.

The Samsung Watch looks cool with a built-in projector.

Samsung has revamped its wearable strategy with the use of WearOS and soon it may bring the futuristic technology to smartwatches as well.

Samsung has overhauled its product strategy which has helped the company climb the ladder. The company has tied up with Google for the WearOS platform, which made its debut in the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

But soon, you could have a Samsung smartwatch that projects wearable content onto your wrist. That’s right, Samsung has filed a patent for a built-in projector that fits inside a smartwatch, according to reports,

This patent tells us that you can mirror content from the watch’s display and project it onto your wrist. So it can be in the form of a digital watch showing your step count and heartbeat on the wrist. It sounds like a scene out of one of those sci-fi movies from the 90s and it seems Samsung wants to make this a reality now, which is evident from the patent filing for this technology.

But there’s more, as the patent says, “The projection display may display information that is separate from the information displayed on the display module.” With this feature, people will not only be able to read the text but also any video sent to them through WhatsApp or any other social media app.

The views of the patent reveal that the watch will have a pair of LEDs and lenses in two rows that will give you a clear projected view of the content displayed on the watch’s display. Patent filing is a common affair for brands like Samsung.

And as we’ve said before, companies filing patents for this kind of technology doesn’t necessarily mean that the feature will actually make it to the production stage. But if we go by the signs given to us by those movies, this technology could not only become a reality but also land on our wrists in the near future.

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