Robert Downey Jr. fights with Marvel over money for Avengers co-stars: Report

Marvel is one of the biggest names in the film franchise, but it hasn’t been without its problems. One such problem was in 2013 when Robert Downer Jr., who popularly played Iron Man, was considering stepping away from his role because Marvel did not meet his and his co-worker’s salary demands. .

A 2013 report by Deadline claimed that the actor earned around USD 70 to 80 million from the first Avengers film in the MCU. After his huge box office success in Iron Man 3, he looked to exceed that salary.

In interviews during the Daily Show, with host Jon Stewart, he opened up about his plans to probably retire, saying “I don’t know. I had a long contract with him and now we’re about to renegotiate.” “

While Downey felt that he was not paid enough, reports suggest that other actors were not paid anything compared to him. The report quoted an insider as saying, “Some only got $200,000 for the Avengers and Downey was paid $50 million. On what planet is he okay?”

The superstar was also ready to stand up for his co-workers on the issue. A rep saw him play an older brother to several other actors with little experience on the big screen. He was reportedly seen using his strong position to persuade Marvel to pay actors according to their talents, especially as the company was in untapped luck with each new entry in the franchise.

Downey was seen as the only person with the power and genuine courage to do something about it. He had already given a message that he was not going to work in a place where his co-workers were being treated badly.

The article made specific mentions of Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth, who were not so eager to return for their roles that their demands were not met.

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