Rishi Sunak leads the race to replace British PM Boris Johnson, but the road to 10 Downing Street is not easy

The race to replace British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in full swing. Eleven candidates have thrown their hats into the ring, but some may fail in the numbers game early on.

with New British PM to be announced on 5 SeptemberTime is of the essence, and the Conservative Party has set a difficult schedule. Whoever becomes the leader of the ruling Tory party will also take over as the Premier of Britain. He will probably lead the next election. A smart choice is necessary, for which the stage is ready.


The 1922 Backbench Committee of Tory MPs that organized the leadership contest has raised the bar. It was announced on the evening of July 11 that nominations for the post can be filed between 12 noon and 6 pm on 12 July.

Only about six hours have been given to file nominations for the leadership battle. To do so each candidate would need the support of at least 20 MPs and each candidate would be allowed to spend £300,000 on his campaign, which could last about eight weeks for the two reaching the last row.

This time, the support required for each candidate has been increased from eight MPs to 20. The first round of voting takes place on Tuesday. Anyone receiving less than 30 votes will be removed before another vote on Thursday.

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In the first elimination round, the support count will be increased to 30 MPs. Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady insisted that it only put “serious candidates” in the race.

The elimination process could be completed by next Monday, when the world will know who are the top two prime ministerial contenders.


Now in numbers, only two candidates have managed to garner the support of more than 20 MPs: Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt.

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is leading with the support of about 40 MPs. They have already started a ‘Ready for the Sage’ campaign to garner early support. However, there are several free-floating votes indicating that the aisles of Westminster could be very busy on 12 July.

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In the world of betting though, junior trade minister Penny Mordaunt has taken over Rishi Sunak, who is also behind in a sample survey conducted by a British newspaper among grassroots Tory activists. Mordaunt leads the poll with 19.6 percent, while former equality minister Kemi Badenoch (18.7 percent) is in second place, followed by Rishi Sunak in third place (12.1 percent). Indian-origin Attorney General Suella Braverman and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss made the top five.

Home Secretary Priti Patel is still considering throwing her hat in the ring as number 20 is proving to be a hindrance.

Once the candidates are two in the race and Parliament is recessed on July 21, the election will be in the hands of about 200,000 Tory Party members, which is why such a poll is considered a good indicator of mood. goes. Base.

Meanwhile, incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to put his support behind any candidate. “I don’t want to hurt anyone’s prospects by offering my support,” Johnson said in his first media appearance since last week. He announced his decision to step down.

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