Ricks and Hardship Allowance file with Ministry of Finance, likely to be implemented by November-December

  • IRSTMU team talks about Railway Board Member/Infra, ED/Signal, ED/SM, ED/Tele and Advisor Signal and Telecommunication
  • Night Failure Ganga will also be made for telecom & shift duty roster will be made at big stations, officials also agree on many issues

Team of Indian Railway S&T Maintainers Union #IRSTMU on Tuesday 11th June 2022 consisting of Railway Board Member/Infra, ED/Signal, ED/SM, ED/Tele and Advisor Signal & Telecommunication for hours on various pending demands of S&T employees. brainstormed. Railway Board member/infra Sudhanshu Sharma agreed to upgrade the qualifications of the employees. The team talked to him on giving high quality tools and safety kit to the employees, in which Sudhanshu Sharma asked to make a list and give it. He assured that soon their demands would be implemented. In the course of the talks, improvements in the training of employees were also discussed.

IRSTMU team also met ED/SIGNAL Rameshwar Meena of Railway Board and talked to him on various issues. On giving ED/SIGNAL, the union wished them well and had a long discussion about their demands. Ricks and Hardship Allowance was discussed in the talks. In this it came to the notice that it was passed from the level of Railway Board and it has gone to the Ministry of Finance. It is likely to be implemented by November-December 2022. The union also got assurance of cadre restructuring, qualification upgradation as well as upgrading grade pay.

The union team raised the issue of making the qualification of the employees to Bsc and giving them higher grade pay in front of ED/SM Sandeep Mathur in the Railway Board. In the talks, the promotion by LDCE was assured to be implemented equally in all the zones. The ED/SM assured to improve the quality of safety jackets, shoes and raincoats provided to the employees. In view of the incidents of run over of the employees, he assured to give him a safety device so that he could get the signal of train arrival while working.

Railway Board ED/TELE Rakesh Ranjan and Director Tele Dharmendra agreed to most of the demands after carefully going through the list of problems given by Team IRSTMU. There was a detailed discussion on how to restructure the technician cadre. He also gave a positive assurance on the proposal to replace AMC with ARC. Expressed full possibility of implementation of Ricks and Hardship Allowance. Said that the Telecom Department will also be recruited in Direct Grade – 1.

Railway Board Advisor/S&T Arun Saxena, in a conversation with Team IRSTMU, discussed preventing the incidents of run overs by S&T employees. With them the union talked about the quality of training of the employees. He agreed to cadre restructuring. He assured about upgrading the qualifications of the employees and also talked about upgrading the grade pay accordingly. He assured to keep everything at the Railway Board level.

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Union’s national co-secretary Revathi Raman, national vice president BL Meena, Jagan Meena, Amit Kumar, Sant Ram Saroj etc. were present on this occasion. Indian Railway S&T Maintainers Union National President Naveen Kumar and General Secretary Alok Chandra Prakash described this initiative of the IRSTMU team and the coordination made with the officials regarding the employees as a good step and congratulated it.

Brainstorming on the demands of IRSTMU

1. Ricks and Hardship Allowance, Night Flare Gang and Shift Duty Roster

2. Cadre Restructuring, Grade Pay Upgradation with Qualification

3. Assurance of early implementation of ARC instead of AMC

4. Expected recruitment in Telecom Department also in Direct Grade – 1

5. Uniform implementation of promotion through LDCE in all zones

6. Improving the quality of safety jackets, shoes and raincoats to employees

7. Decision on providing safety device to prevent run over

8. Talk on improving the quality of training of employees