Research on cancer revealed: White people are more prone to cancer, lifestyle and genetics are the main reasons

London32 minutes ago

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A research by the UK’s Cancer Research Institute has found that 40% of white people get cancer due to their lifestyle. However, the reason for some getting cancer is also genetic. Many cancer-borne diseases can be prevented if detected on time.

Blacks and Asians have a lower risk of cancer than whites. In contrast, blacks are more prone to diseases like blood and prostate cancer.

From the year 2013 to 2017, the data of about 30,000 cancer patients was collected. The study found that obesity in black and Asian children aged 6 to 11 years was more likely to cause cancer than black children.

Cancer rates lower among Asians

Cancer rates were found to be 38 percent lower in Asians, 4 percent lower in blacks, and 40 percent lower among mixed-inheritance people, compared to white people, according to the study. Doctor Catherine Brown, involved in cancer research, told that the development of cancer in the body occurs due to different reasons. Some people get cancer disease genetically through genes.

In the UK, 40 percent of people with cancer are caused by the lifestyle they choose.

Asian people are more prone to liver cancer. Asian means Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani. Whereas black means from the Caribbean. Whereas white means British, Irish and others.

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