RCB vs CSK Fan War: Ugly Scenes As Crowd Mock, Harass Each Other After Kohli-Dhoni Fight – News18

Viral videos capture RCB vs CSK 'fanwar' (Photo Credits: X)

Viral videos capture RCB vs CSK ‘fanwar’ (Photo Credits: X)

RCB vs CSK fans get into a ‘war’ after Virat Kohli’s team defeats Dhoni’s to get into playoffs. Viral videos capture heated scenes at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Scenes at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium were anything but normal as Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) triumphed over Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to secure a playoff spot. This showdown wasn’t just another game; it was the epic face-off between cricket legends Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, with Kohli emerging victorious as RCB clinched the win. This marked RCB’s sixth consecutive victory, a remarkable comeback after losing 7 of their first 8 matches. The atmosphere was electric, filled with tension and excitement, as fans from both sides packed the stadium, eager to witness this high-stakes match.

As the final ball was bowled and RCB sealed their victory, the stadium erupted into a frenzy. RCB fans, in their signature red, went wild, dancing and cheering with unbridled joy. Fireworks lit up the sky, and the celebrations spilled over into the streets of Bengaluru. It was a sight to behold as thousands of fans chanted Kohli’s name, celebrating not just a win, but a spectacular turnaround in the tournament.

On the flip side, CSK fans were left heartbroken. The usually dominant CSK, led by the legendary MS Dhoni, had failed to make the playoffs, a rare occurrence that added to the sting of the loss. For many, the pain was compounded by the speculation that 2024 might be Dhoni’s final season. The thought of not seeing their beloved ‘Thala’ lead the team in the playoffs was almost too much to bear. The disappointment was palpable as CSK fans, dressed in their iconic yellow, left the stadium with heavy hearts.

However, the intense emotions of the match didn’t just stay within the confines of the stadium. The rivalry between the RCB and CSK fans spilled over into the streets, leading to some unsavoury incidents. Reports emerged of fans from both sides engaging in verbal and physical confrontations, adding a dark chapter to what should have been a night of celebration and sportsmanship.

Here’s how the RCB vs CSK fan rivalry escalated into chaos:

RCB Fans Block CSK Fan’s Car

CSK Fans Harassing a Kid Supporting RCB

RCB Fans Laughing at CSK Fans Outside Stadium

Fans also took to social media platform X to share their experiences after RCB’s crucial IPL victory. One user wrote, “Feeling unsafe wearing a CSK jersey outside and around Chinnaswamy stadium. RCB fans (men) here are abusing and bullying every single person walking by. So many men out here are so drunk and abusive on face be it women or men. People are also driving rashly, scaring us.”

Another user shared, “Such hooligans, man. Whoever is walking out of the stadium in CSK colours is being screamed upon, shouted upon by local RCB supporters. Jeez. We were two girls and just boarded the cab home. Wearing this five-time champion yellow jersey with pride always.” This highlighted the level of hostility that some fans faced just for supporting their team.

In the end, when people say cricket is more than just a game in India, they’re also talking about this kind of intense passion that often defies logic. And it shows how the fierce loyalty and emotional investment of fans can lead to both beautiful moments of celebration and ugly scenes of conflict.