Ram, Bharat reunite after a year at Nati Imli. Varanasi News – Times of India

Varanasi: It took exactly two years to witness the soulful reunion of Lord Ram with his beloved brother India The world famous ‘Bharat Milap’ of nati tamarind could not be held last year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic on Saturday.
Bharat Milap, an act of the ‘Ramcharitmanas’ episode of Lord Rama’s reunion with his brothers after 14 years of exile, is held annually in the presence of royalty at the historic ground of Nati Imli, the day after Vijayadashami. Why Kashi? Nati Tamarind is a part of the famous Ramlila of Ramnagar, the capital of the Raja of Bharat Milap Kashi.
While the month-long Ramnagar Ramlila could not be organized for the second consecutive year due to the fear of Kovid-19, Bharat Milap was organized with religious fervor. Scores of people gathered to witness the happy moments of the reunion at Naati Imli.
Legend says that Megha Bhagat, a disciple of the great poet Tulsidas, who composed the Ramcharitmanas, began the enactment of the Ramlila after being told in a dream to play Bharat Milap. He staged the scene at Nati Tamarind, and at the moment of the dramatic climax, legend says, he collapsed and died. It also became a tradition that the Maharaja of Banaras joins in a nati tamarind performance with all the royal ingredients on this day.
Traditionally, children playing divine characters are brought to the nati tamarind grounds for a public viewing of their reunion. For the locals, Bharat Milap or Ramlila is an embodiment of the religious text. Huge crowds of people wait for hours at Nati Imli ground to see this incident of few minutes.
Bharat Milap is a part of Ramlila organized by various organizations at different places during the Shardiya Navratri festival. But, Ramlila of Ramnagar has its own uniqueness. It is enacted in its ancient form without any modern aides such as lighting and sound systems. People from different places including foreigners come to Ramnagar to see the act.