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Railway alert on the information of track collapse in Inda of Kharagpur-Howrah rail division. Rail Hunt

Amitesh, Kharagpur

After a long wait, the heavy rain last night took the temperature of the rail city Kharagpur down a bit, but the condition of the city has become miserable due to water logging from place to place. In Kharagpur, the situation started looking like Mumbai from place to place. After heavy rain on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday, when the situation became normal in the morning and people came out of the houses, they were scared to see water everywhere. Heavy water logging was observed from Ayma-Ramnagar to Chhota Tengra and Jhapatapur.

The effect of rain was also seen in Kharagpur Railway Division. There is a report of railway track collapsing in Inda of Kharagpur-Howrah rail division. According to experts, many vehicles pass through this track. Railway is alert for this. Monitoring of the track has started and relief and repair work has been intensified. Due to the absence of any train on the spot in the morning, untoward incident was averted. However, many electric poles were uprooted on this track. The officials who reached the spot stopped the movement of trains on the rail section.

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