Prophet Controversy: If Nupur Sharma, Naveen Jindal are not arrested, Farooq Shabdi of AIMIM warns of big agitation


AIMIM leader Farooq Shabdi.

prophet line: All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) Solapur district chief Farooq Shabdi, who gathered people here after Friday prayers, said the party high command had ordered an agitation and said that an even bigger There will be a protest if now- Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, the sacked BJP office-bearers, are not arrested for making controversial statements against Prophet Mohammad. Shabdi said he used social media to mobilize young Muslims as it is one of the best mediums to raise your voice.

When the protest turned violent, Shabdi said that if there is unrest… only MIM is not responsible. Everyone is responsible.

The AIMIM leader further said that a meeting was held in Mumbai before Friday prayers. It was decided in that meeting that those who speak against the glory of the Prophet will be agitated… so they need to raise their voice against it.

Shabdi further said that don’t give too much importance to their appeal to the community… Nupur and Naveen’s remarks have hurt the hearts of Muslims… People just wanted their voice to reach the centre. This movement is happening not only in Solapur but all over the country and the world. The AIMIM leader said the Solapur protest shows how peaceful agitation takes place.

This issue is not a political issue but an issue which is important for his life. He said that this agitation was not a conspiracy…the rally was held with permission. The meeting was held in Mumbai… We were expecting that some action would be taken against the former spokespersons of BJP… so we agitated. “Our movement was successful,” said Shabdi.

He said that whenever Muslims are subjected to atrocities, Owaisi (AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi) raises his voice… The AIMIM leader said that it has been 10-12 days since Nupur’s issue but the Congress did not raise its voice.

Shabdi continued, saying that it would be wrong to say that the MIM had agitated across the country. It was a movement of Muslims… There was no flag of any political party in this protest. There was only one Islamic flag. Dalit brothers also joined the protest… They brought their own blue flag. There is no conspiracy in this movement… We had to tell the Center that we love the Prophet, he said.

Keeping it within the ambit of the law, the AIMIM also agitated in Solapur and Aurangabad besides other places. On the violent clashes, Shabdi said that no organization or party would like to see riots in their movements…unfortunately there were riots. He said that it must have happened because of some goons who did it deliberately… so that peace could be disturbed. We were successful in bringing this issue to the public, but the success of this movement will be only when Nupur and Naveen Kumar Jindal are arrested… and BJP is thinking that suspending both the leaders will end the matter. , so it’s not going to matter.

Shabdi said that more fronts would come to the fore and if both were not punished, there would be even bigger agitations. The Maulana gave directions to the mosques to join the dharna. Shabdi concluded that wherever protests were announced, the ulema and clerics told him how the protest would take place… to take the issue forward in court.

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