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Preparations for big bang in the politics of Punjab: Amarinder will form a new organization, will end the agitation by getting the agricultural laws back and will become the Captain of Punjab

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  • Amarinder will form a new organization, will end the agitation by bringing back agricultural laws and will become the Captain of Punjab

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Captain Amarinder Singh with Home Minister Amit Shah. file photo

There can be a big explosion in the politics of Punjab on 2nd October on Gandhi Jayanti. Former CM Captain Amarinder Singh can form a new organization. Through this, Captain will make a new bet in the politics of Punjab. If sources close to the Captain are to be believed, the launch of this organization will end the farmers’ movement that has been going on for a year on the Delhi border. After that a new political party will be launched in Punjab, which will revolve around the face of Captain Amarinder Singh above the identity of the parties.

Captain Amarinder is going to return in 2022, his advisor Narinder Bhambri has conveyed his intentions by tweeting the poster of ‘Captain for 2022’. When removed from the chair, the captain himself had also said that he was going to leave politics after the victory. He is a soldier, he will not leave the field in humiliation, even if it is of politics. The Captain once again indicated this by meeting Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi on Wednesday.

Read … why only Captain’s new organization, why will not join BJP directly?

The chances of Captain Amarinder Singh joining the BJP directly are slim. Neither the Captain wants this nor the BJP. These discussions have definitely taken place after meeting Home Minister Amit Shah. Everything is possible in politics, but it doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment. There are 2 big reasons for this…..

  • One, the wrong message will be sent to the farmers regarding the Captain. Farmers will think that the Captain used us for his politics. The Captain wanted to establish himself in politics. So took the guise of farmers.
  • Second, the central government is still adamant about agricultural laws. The BJP would not want to give the message that they needed farmers in the next elections, so had to bow down. Well, there is a need, but BJP does not want to show its compulsion. If this happens, the opponents will make an issue.

Now know … what will be the whole strategy

Capt Amarinder Singh may formally quit Congress. At present, the captain will not form a political organization. He wants an organization that is non-political. This organization will join the Delhi Kisan Andolan. Farmers will meet leaders. This organization will not go ahead in the farmers movement. Rather, he will take the lead in talks with the central government.

In this conversation, the full role of bringing back the agriculture law will be decided. There is also an option that MSPs can bring in a guarantee law. The captain is starting the journey from here, he has indicated this yesterday by raising these issues in front of Amit Shah. The Captain has formed a Jat Mahasabha in Punjab, to which many big farmers are also associated. This can also be an alternative to Capt.

The advisor had tweeted this poster after the captain left the CM chair.

The advisor had tweeted this poster after the captain left the CM chair.

How difficult is this task for the captain?
This task will not be too difficult for Captain Amarinder Singh. There are reasons for that. The movement against the agricultural laws originated on the soil of Punjab itself. It can also be said that it was the Captain who nurtured it and grew it. The Captain openly supported the farmers. Those who blocked him in reaching Delhi, broke down on him. When there was a lathi charge in Haryana, the Captain got angry on the Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar there. If the matter was not being heard, then the central government was attacked.

When the peasant leaders were in need, the Captain stood firm. Now the captain, who has left the CM chair, needs his support. In such a situation, they are sure to get the sympathy of the farmer leaders. The captain also has good relations with the farmer leaders. Amidst the boycott of political parties, the Captain has been fed laddoos.

How is the political path easy for the Captain in Punjab?
In answer to this question, first we have to understand the arithmetic of vote bank in Punjab. In Punjab, 75% of the population is engaged in agriculture. The economy of Punjab is based on agriculture. If there is agriculture, not only does the market run, but most industries also make agricultural goods from tractors to agriculture. Farmers’ vote bank dominates 77 seats in the 117-seat Punjab Assembly.

Right now farmers from every village of Punjab are sitting on the Delhi border. There is definitely a soft corner of farmer leaders for Captain. If the agricultural laws are withdrawn or a solution comes out with the consent of the United Kisan Morcha, the Captain will be the supreme leader of Punjab. The party will be left behind. This style is also very much liked by the captain. In 2002 and 2017 Congress came to power in the name of Captain.

What is the advantage of the BJP captain?
In politics, the message hidden in it is more important than the issues behind the meeting. The Congress removed the Captain from the CM’s chair. Clearly the Congress accepted the Captain’s era as over. BJP has started its bet from here. The Captain met Shah several times while he was the CM, but this meeting was different. Just remember the thing that the Captain said that he would meet some of his friends in Delhi. Earlier, do not forget that even after leaving the chair, the Captain had said that many friends have been made in his 52-year political career. BJP gave a message to the Congress that there is a lot of politics left inside the Captain.

The Captain and the BJP can get each other’s support in Punjab if the farmers’ movement is resolved. The Akalis left the BJP. There is nothing for the BJP to lose politically here. Yes, Punjab adjacent to the Pakistan border is important from the point of view of national security. At the same time, from the point of view of politics, the big impact of ending the movement and joining the Captain will be in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, where the BJP wants to retain its dominance.

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