Premier League 2022-23 fixtures set to see drastic changes due to FIFA World Cup in Qatar

FIFA for the first time in the history of football World The Cup is scheduled to be played in the winter due to the high temperature, humidity and unbearable heat in Qatar. The World Cup in winter means there will be no Premier League celebrations between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. The next season will be the 30th edition of the EPL since 1992. For a change, England’s top tier will have a hiatus in November.

Back in 2010, it was decided that Qatar would host the World Cup in June 2022, but concerns over the challenges of extreme weather caused FIFA to reschedule it to November and December.

However, the Premier League is not the only league that is suffering due to the change in the dates of the World Cup as other European leagues will also have to revise their calendars.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, there will be no matches between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve in an effort to prevent major burn-outs of players.

The festive season beginning with Christmas is one of the Premier League’s most crowded events with a flurry of games.

Club football will resume eight days after the World Cup. The 2022–23 season will begin on 5 August and run until match day 16 – which will be played on 12 November and 13 November – before a brief pause.

The FA has reportedly urged the Premier League not to hold matches between the top six clubs on the day of the final match before the World Cup.

Along with the Premier League, the EFL is also expected to be affected by the World Cup fixtures.

Arsenal will travel to Selhurst Park to take on the first match of the Premier League 2022-23 season at Crystal Palace on the night of 5 August. Defending champions Manchester City will start their Premier League campaign against West Ham United two days later. Last season’s top two teams – Manchester City and Liverpool – are set to face each other on 15 October.

The final of the World Cup is scheduled to be played on December 18 and the return of the Premier League on December 26.

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