Premier League 2022/2023: Schedule of each team till the end of the year, see fixtures here

Premier League 2022/23 will begin on 5 August when Arsenal lock horns away from home with Crystal Palace and Everton hosting Chelsea. The EPL 2022/23 season fixtures of all 380 matches were released by the organizers on Thursday (16 June). Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United will begin their season with a home match against Brighton while defending champions Manchester City travel to the London Stadium where West Ham will host them.

Newly-started Fulham face their toughest start when they entertain Liverpool at Craven’s Cottage, Bournemouth welcome Aston Villa to Vitality Stadium and Nottingham Forest’s first top-flight fixture in 23 years see them to Newcastle. major manufactures.

Pep Guardiola’s Man City will meet their 2021/22 title rivals at Anfield over the weekend of 15 October before hosting Jurgen Klopp’s side at the Etihad Stadium on 1 April. If their race for the crown goes down the wire again, City’s final game of the season at home to Chelsea could be crucial, ahead of their final day trip to Brentford on 28 May.

Here are the first round fixtures for the 2022/23 Premier League season:

August 5: Crystal Palace vs Arsenal.

August 6: Fulham vs Liverpool

Bournemouth vs Aston Villa

Leeds vs Wolves

Leicester vs Brentford

Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest

Tottenham vs Southampton

Everton vs Chelsea.

7 August: Manchester United vs Brighton

West Ham vs Manchester City

Arsenal vs Leicester City

Aston Villa vs Everton

Brentford vs Manchester United

Brighton vs Newcastle United

Chelsea at Tottenham Hotspur

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Manchester City vs AFC Bournemouth

Notham Forest vs West Ham United

Southampton vs Leeds United

wolves in fulham

20 August: AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa

Everton vs Nottingham Forest

Fulham vs Brentford

Leeds United vs Chelsea

Leicester City vs Southampton

Manchester United vs Liverpool

Newcastle United vs Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

West Ham United vs Brighton & Hove Albion

August 27: Arsenal in Fulham

Aston Villa vs West Ham United

Brentford vs Everton

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Leeds United

Chelsea vs Leicester City

Liverpool vs AFC Bournemouth

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace

Nottingham Forest vs Tottenham Hotspur

Southampton vs Manchester United

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Newcastle United

August 30: AFC Bournemouth vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Arsenal vs Aston Villa

Crystal Palace vs Brentford

Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion

Leeds United vs Everton

Leicester City vs Manchester United

West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Liverpool vs Newcastle United

Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest

Southampton vs Chelsea

September 3: Aston Villa vs Manchester City

Brentford vs Leeds United

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Leicester City

Chelsea vs West Ham United

Everton vs Liverpool

Manchester United vs Arsenal

Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

Nottingham Forest vs AFC Bournemouth

Tottenham Hotspur in Fulham

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Southampton

September 10: AFC Bournemouth v Brighton & Hove Albion

Arsenal vs Everton

Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

Fulham in Chelsea

Leeds United vs Nottingham Forest

Leicester City vs Aston Villa

Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur

Southampton vs Brentford

West Ham United vs Newcastle United

September 17: Aston Villa vs Southampton

Brentford vs Arsenal

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace

Chelsea vs Liverpool

Everton vs West Ham United

Manchester United vs Leeds United

Newcastle United vs AFC Bournemouth

Nottingham Forest vs Fulhamie

Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City

October 1: AFC Bournemouth vs Brentford

Arsenal at Tottenham Hotspur

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea

Fulham vs Newcastle United

Leeds United vs Aston Villa

Leicester City vs Nottingham Forest

Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove Albion

Manchester City vs Manchester United

Southampton vs Everton

West Ham United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

8 October: AFC Bournemouth vs Leicester City

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Tottenham Hotspur

Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Crystal Palace vs Leeds United

Everton vs Manchester United

Manchester City vs Southampton

Newcastle United vs Brentford

Nottingham Forest vs Aston Villa

West Ham United vs Fulham

15 October: Aston Villa in Chelsea

Brentford vs Brighton & Hove Albion

Fulham vs AFC Bournemouth

Leeds United vs Arsenal

Leicester City vs Crystal Palace

Liverpool vs Manchester City

Manchester United vs Newcastle United

Southampton vs West Ham United

Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Nottingham Forest

18 October: AFC Bournemouth vs Southampton

Arsenal vs Manchester City

Brentford in Chelsea

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Nottingham Forest

Crystal Palace vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Fulham vs Aston Villa

Leicester City vs Leeds United

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Liverpool vs West Ham United

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

Newcastle United vs Everton

22 October: Aston Villa vs Brentford

Chelsea vs Manchester United

Everton vs Crystal Palace

Leeds United vs Fulham

Manchester City vs Brighton & Hove Albion

Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool

Southampton vs Arsenal

Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United

West Ham United vs AFC Bournemouth

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Leicester City

29 October: AFC Bournemouth vs Tottenham Hotspur

Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest

Brentford vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Chelsea

Crystal Palace vs Southampton

Fulham vs Everton

Leicester City vs Manchester City

Liverpool vs Leeds United

Manchester United vs West Ham United*

Newcastle United vs Aston Villa

November 5: Aston Villa vs Manchester United

Chelsea at Arsenal

Everton vs Leicester City

Leeds United vs AFC Bournemouth

Manchester City vs Fulham

Nottingham Forest vs Brentford

Southampton vs Newcastle United

Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool

West Ham United vs Crystal Palace

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Brighton & Hove Albion

12 November: AFC Bournemouth vs Everton

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Aston Villa

Fulham vs Manchester United

Liverpool vs Southampton

Manchester City vs Brentford

Newcastle United vs Chelsea

Nottingham Forest vs Crystal Palace

Tottenham Hotspur vs Leeds United

West Ham United vs Leicester City

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Arsenal

26 December: Arsenal vs West Ham United

Aston Villa vs Liverpool

Brentford vs Tottenham Hotspur

Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth

Crystal Palace v Fulham

Everton vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Leeds United vs Manchester City

Leicester City vs Newcastle United

Manchester United vs Nottingham Forest

Southampton vs Brighton & Hove Albion

31st December: AFC Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Arsenal

Fulham vs Southampton

Liverpool vs Leicester City

Manchester City vs Everton

Newcastle United vs Leeds United

Nottingham Forest vs Chelsea

Tottenham Hotspur at Aston Villa

West Ham United vs Brentford

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United

Liverpool ended their campaign in Southampton. No games are scheduled between Boxing Day until New Year’s Eve, but after playing the final day of 2022, the teams will be back in action on January 2, with Chelsea vs Manchester City in a lucrative contest in early 2023. The Premier League 2021/22 season went right down the wire with Liverpool and Manchester City both waiting to drop a point. However, City remained on their toes until the last game to clinch the 2021/22 Premier League title.

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