Police SUV Enters AIIMS Rishikesh to Arrest Assault Accused

Cops showed unusual zeal to trace the accused man and rushed to the emergency department of AIIMS Rishikesh on Tuesday, a viral video shows. The police wanted to arrest the nursing officer  accused of sexually harassing a female doctor.

The 26-second clip, which could be from an action movie, shows a police car driving through a crowded emergency room with rows of patients in beds on either side. A group of security officials can be seen clearing the way for a jeep and pushing stretchers carrying patients away. The car zooms forward and several police officers can be seen inside.

According to the police, a caregiver allegedly sexually harassed a doctor in the operating room of the health center. Satish Kumar, who is now divorced, also sent an obscene text message to the doctor, Rishikesh police officer Shankar Singh Bisht told news agency PTI.

The incident caused anger among the doctors of the hospital, who went on strike and protested in front of the dean’s office, demanding the dismissal of the perpetrator. The doctors also contacted the police.

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Seeing a large number of protesting doctors, the police decided to go to the hospital to arrest Satish Kumar. Another video shows a group of policemen surrounded by protesting doctors leading the accused man to a car.

The doctors demanded immediate suspension of Satish Kumar, saying that mere suspension is not enough for his crime. Although emergency services are still working at AIIMS Rishikesh, doctors have been on strike since Tuesday.

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