Police review black spots in UP’s Prayagraj amid rising road accidents. Allahabad News – Times of India

Prayagraj: Both fatal and non-lethal categoriesSenior police officers have started the exercise of reviewing the black spots or accident prone areas in the four districts of the range.
Prayagraj The highest is 52 block spots, including five on the National Highway and one on the State Highway, followed by Fatehpur (24). Kaushambi (16) and Pratapgarh (1 1).
There are currently 40 black spots on national highways in four districts including Prayagraj (5), Kaushambi (9), Pratapgarh (7) and Fatehpur (19). Similarly, there are 12 black spots on the state highway – Prayagraj (1), Pratapgarh (4), Fatehpur (2) and Kaushambi (5).
Inspector general of police (Prayargaj range) KP Singh told TOI, “We are looking for short and long term measures to eliminate the black spots. We are in consultation with other departments like RTO and PWD for this.
“The status of each black spot located on national and state highways as well as other connecting roads is being reviewed. Police is studying the nature of accidents, casualties, causes and related issues before declaring it as an accident,” he said. These places were finalized keeping in view the history of the spot area and the number of accidents that took place in the last three years.
Traffic police officers are also busy studying the causes and history of these specific areas where accidents have taken place more than three times.
Range police data shows that 671 people died in 1,184 road accidents between January 1 and June 15 this year in four districts of Prayagraj range. A total of 671 people lost their lives between January 1 and June 15, including 249 in Prayagraj, 136 in Pratapgarh, 191 in Fatehpur and 95 in Kaushambi. In the same period, 689 people were also injured – Prayagraj (334), Pratapgarh (124), Fatehpur (153) and Kaushambi (78).
The traffic police claimed that speed limit violations and speeding driving were the two major factors behind the accidents at these black spots and new black spots are likely to be added to the list.


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