PM Modi mentions Unnao’s ‘Digital Man’ in ‘Mann ki Baat’ | Kanpur News – Times of India

KANPUR: Om Prakash Singh, a common service centre operator in Hasanganj area of Unnao district, had his moment of fame when Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised his work and mentioned him in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday.
PM Modi cited Singh’s example for his contribution to the progress of the communication revolution in his region, saying that he has established more than one thousand broadband connections in his village. He has also created a free WiFi zone around his common service centre, which is helping the needy.
“Digital India has made Om Prakash, a resident of Unnao, a digital entrepreneur. He has given 1,000 connections in his village. Omprakash created a free WiFi zone near the common service centre in the village, which is helping people. He has increased his work so much that today more than 20 people are working at his place. These people are providing broadband connections to government schools, hospitals, thirteen offices and anganwadis. We should learn from such people,” PM Modi said during the programme.
Known as ‘Digital Man’ locally, Omprakash, and his wife Padmini Devi had started the common service centre in Mahandikheda, Hasanganj, in 2019.
Notably, having taken note of Omprakash’s works, BBNL director VP Singh and the telecom secretary had honoured him recently. Details of the works done by him and his wife were also uploaded on the website of Digital India.
Omprakash told TOI, “I had started my first CSC in 2015. The Internet connection in my village was very poor. No work could be done at my CSC. We connected the network to the mobile system. If someone came to fill up a form, it’d take the whole day. Aadhaar cards could not be generated even after four days.”
“Later, I came to know about Bharat Net of Digital India. I went to Delhi for its programme. There I came to know that fibre had been laid till our village, but we are not able to use it,” he said.
“After my return, I made people aware of this. I told them about the broadband. In the initial phase, I gave free connections in homes. After that, I started giving connections by charging Rs 100. After that, in my village, the Internet was installed in every house. I also extended this facility to other villages. With the help of broadband, children’s education continued even during the Covid pandemic,” Omprakash said.
Singh started the high-speed connection first at the Block Headquarters and later at the Panchayati Raj office.
Omprakash connected the high-speed net by providing 300 broadband connections in Hasanganj block, 60 in Nawabganj block and 50 in Auras block. Monthly expenses are fixed from Rs 99 to Rs 1,450 maximum. He has established more than 1,000 government connections in his village.