PM Modi in Deoghar: Offered prayers at Baba Baidyanath temple; Said- Earlier, the foundation stone was laid, the stones used to hang, our work speaks.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Deoghar, the religious city of Jharkhand on Tuesday. Here he started a dozen schemes including airport and AIIMS. After this, the Prime Minister did a 12 km long road show and reached the Baba Baidyanath temple included in the 12 Jyotirlingas. The PM did puja and darshan here. He also addressed a rally in Baba Dham.

The PM said- I got a chance to worship and worship at the feet of revered Baba. Prior to that, schemes worth thousands of crores of rupees were also offered at the feet of Baba and Janata Janardan for the development of Jharkhand. in 5 points Read what Prime Minister Modi said in the rally…

1. Taunted the work culture of the old governments
Modi said that schemes were announced in earlier governments, then after leaving one or two governments, one or two stones were laid. The stone kept hanging, after running two or four governments, someone else would come, then he used to put bricks, I don’t know after how many governments that plan was visible in front. Today we have brought that work culture, we have brought that political culture, we have brought that model of governance that we inaugurate the foundation stone of which we lay.

PM Narendra Modi offering prayers to Baba Baidyanath.

PM Narendra Modi offering prayers to Baba Baidyanath.

2. Governments of Shortcuts Buried the Fleet
PM said – There is a challenge, the politics of shortcuts. People are taking votes by adopting shortcuts. Whose politics is based on shortcuts, one day it ends like a short circuit. After independence, the governments had adopted shortcuts. Today the country is bearing the brunt of that. This destroys the country. So the public should be aware of such people.

If there is no electricity, then you will have to stay in the lantern. Lightning cannot be generated by shortcut. People of Jharkhand know that for this a plant has to be set up. The political parties which take shortcuts, they do the work of wooing. Those who do this politics cannot build airports. People of Jharkhand should stay away from such people.

3. The country’s heritage leads to development
The Prime Minister said- Be it Babadham, Kashi Vishwanath Dham or Ayodhya Dham, modern facilities are being provided in every Dham. People of the world want to see new places. want to know. Today is the need of the hour, India should preserve its heritage fast. Increase facilities there. We have seen in recent times that where facilities have been increased, there has been an increase in the number of tourists.

The Prime Minister gave the example of Banaras. He said that since the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor has started, the number of tourists has increased three times. Everyone has benefited there. Business has grown. Where tourism grows, there is development. Everyone benefits.

PM Modi left for Baba Baidyanath temple while doing a roadshow in Deoghar.

PM Modi left for Baba Baidyanath temple while doing a roadshow in Deoghar.

4. Opportunity for Jharkhand to become an industrial state
It was once imagined that gas would be supplied through a pipeline. Jharkhand is on top in this regard. Jharkhand has the opportunity to become a leading industrial state. Work is underway to increase connectivity. Efforts are being made to connect Jharkhand by sea route. This will increase the industry. The poor tribals here will get employment.

I am sure that the projects which we have started today are going to give a new impetus to the development of Jharkhand. Yesterday you were lighting the lamp, today you lit up with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and as far as I can see, people are people, that means people need development.

5. Air connectivity is growing at a fast pace
Today the benefits of the efforts of the government are visible across the country. Under the UDAN scheme, in the last 5-6 years, about 70 new places have been added through airports and water aerodromes. Today, ordinary citizens are getting the facility of air travel on more than 400 new routes.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and others at Deoghar airport.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and others at Deoghar airport.

Inauguration-foundation of 16 thousand crore schemes
Earlier, during the inauguration of the airport, the Prime Minister flagged off the flight to Kolkata. He said that Deoghar has got the good fortune of giving impetus to the development of Jharkhand. While inaugurating and laying the foundation stone of a project worth more than 16 thousand crores, he said that this would give a boost to the development of Jharkhand. He further said that Deoghar airport was dreamed for a long time. With this project, the lives of lakhs of people of Jharkhand will be easy. New opportunities for business and employment will also open.

Online inauguration of 250 bedded AIIMS
The Prime Minister inaugurated the 250 bedded AIIMS at Deoghar online. After which he left straight for Baba Baidyanath Dham temple.

It’s like a dream come true: Hemant Soren
Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that this is a historic day for Jharkhand. It is like watching a dream come true. Today Jharkhand is moving towards development with the help of the Centre.

Inauguration of schemes worth 10,270 crores
PM laid the foundation stone of schemes worth 6,565 crores. These include 8 projects of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, three of the Railways, one project of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Along with this, PM also inaugurated several schemes worth 10,270 crores.

These include one scheme of Ministry of Tourism, Health and Family Welfare, two of Railways, Deoghar Airport worth 401.03 crores, development of Baba Baidyanath Dham worth 39 crores, Gorhar to Khaira Tunda six lane of 1790.3 crores, Khaira Tunda to Barwadda six lanes of 1332.8 crores. Road, Ranchi Maholia four lane road worth Rs 519 crore, Chowka to Saherbera four lane road worth Rs 284.7 crore, Govindpur Chas West Bengal border four lane road worth Rs 1144 crore, Bokaro Angul Jagdishpur Haldia pipeline worth Rs 2500 crore, new LPG plant at Barhi worth Rs 161.5 crore, Rs 93.4 crore This includes LPG plant in Bokaro, Garhwa Mahuria Railway Doubling Project worth 886 crores, Hansdiha Godda Railway Electrification worth 35 crores, APPS Deoghar worth 1103 crores.

Foundation stone laid for schemes worth 835 crores
Prime Minister Modi also laid the foundation stone of many schemes. These include four four-lane road including two lane road with paved shoulder on NH 75 and NH 133, Jharia block surface facility and pipeline, Jasidih bypass new lane, Godda coach maintenance depot besides railway over bridge from Kachari Chowk to Pisca in Itki area of ​​capital Ranchi. The Elevated Corridor till Mor includes green development project of Ranchi Railway Station. The estimated cost of these projects is around 835 crores.

Devbhoomi view will be visible from Deoghar airport: Baba Baidyanath Dham will be able to reach in 20 minutes from the airport, luxury waiting hall for 200 passengers

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