PM Modi asks Civil Servants to Free Nation of Obsolete Laws, Compliance Burden

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address at a Civil Services Day event in New Delhi on Thursday, urged civil servants to work for freeing the nation from obsolete laws and compliance burdens. Sharing his vision, PM Modi said that he removed over 1,500 obsolete laws during his first five years as the Prime Minister but there still was a long list of such laws that needed to be eliminated. He urged civil servants to take initiative to free the nation from the shackles of obsolete laws.

PM Modi added that the compliance burden was another aspect of governance that was bothering the growth of citizens and the nation. “I have directed the cabinet secretary to take charge of freeing citizens and the country from compliance burdens. The country is completing 75 years of independence. Why do we need to keep the citizens occupied in the shackles of compliance?” said PM Modi at the event.

Citing the example of a law mandating imprisonment for the offense of not white-washing toilets at factories every six months, PM Modi said that the law should not be looking to send citizens to jail for trivial issues.

He affirmed that the country needs to be free from such laws and working to eliminate them should be an easy process. PM Modi asked civil servants to not hesitate in pointing out such issues and added that they should approach the relevant governments, state or centre, and bring the issue to their light.

The PM said that the more citizens are freed from such burdens, the more they will grow. “No matter how good a flower is, it can’t grow under the shadow of a big tree. The same flower when planted in an open sky, emerges with strength. Free it from the burden,” PM Modi said while concluding his remarks.
Prime Modi also conferred Awards for Excellence in Public Administration 2021 on Civil Services Day.

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