Plumber Ex-Boyfriend Steals Girlfriend’s Toilet Seat Post Breakup

We’ve all heard numerous tales of tumultuous breakups. While some couples opt for amicable separation, others may seek retribution. But what is the best approach to exact revenge or at least prevent them from finding peace? You may have heard of individuals damaging or stealing their ex-partner’s belongings. However, in perhaps one of the most absurd acts of retaliation, a man chose to steal his girlfriend’s toilet following their breakup.

I split up with my boyfriend yesterday. I fell asleep while he was packing and he stole my toilet.
byu/shelblikadoo inWTF

A woman shared her breakup ordeal on Reddit, revealing that she ended her relationship with her boyfriend due to various issues, including his failure to contribute financially and his reluctance to tip service staff—qualities she deemed unacceptable in a committed partnership.

Shortly after their split, she retired to bed in her bedroom while he packed his belongings to leave their shared residence. However, she fell asleep during his departure, only to awaken and discover her toilet missing.

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The woman mentioned that her ex possessed a plumbing license, implying that he had the necessary skills for such an act. She expressed mixed feelings about the incident, torn between amusement and annoyance.

As a result of the missing toilet, she found herself frequenting Taco Bell whenever nature called, as there was no alternative restroom in the house. Fortunately, she managed to hire another plumber and now has a brand-new toilet in her possession.

One Reddit user humorously remarked, “Shouldn’t have told him to take all his shit and leave.”

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Meanwhile, another user offered a witty comment, “A King can withstand the loss of a Queen, but never the throne.”

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